Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Picture from the farm with MiMi and PaPa @ 21 months*

Some things you are doing now...
-You are currently in swim and gym classes--you LOVE them
-Your new favorite show is Gullah Gullah Island and Imagination Movers, and Yo Gabba Gabba scares you to death now (for some reason ever since Jack Black was on and did a scary face you cry even if you just hear the theme song)
-When someone sneezes you mimic them and think its hilarious
-Your sleeping at nights has not gone back to normal yet since Boston
-You love going outside and watering the garden
-I can not stress how much you LOVE Uncle Shaw-its crazy!!!!
-Because of Shaw you are now VERY interested in lacrosse--probably your 2nd favorite to basketball
-You currently think the football player on the cover of the Madden game case is Shaw and even took the case to bed with you-if I ask you who is this you say Uncle Shaw
-You are OBSESSED with basketball and constantly say "shoot shoot ball" and your "shoot" sounds like another word which is a little embarrassing in public
-You have a weird fascination with belly buttons and will randomly try and lift peoples shirts up to see theirs (stranger or family)

Here's a resent embarrassing/funny story :
While eating breakfast at The Good Egg you were sitting in your high chair and a waitress came to take the table next to us' order--well lets just say her back side was VERY large and before I could stop you from doing what I knew you were going to do as soon as I saw you stick your pointer finger out you stuck your finger so far into her butt and then laughed-luckily she ignored it so we didn't have an akward moment face to face--I just avoided eye contact the rest of our meal.
I can't believe we only have 3 months to go and we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!!!


Miss M! said...

OMG - I would have died laughing!!!

Tiff said...

LOL! Oh my gosh that is seriously so funny...

Jessica Stoker said...

Awesome story, what a little mischievous man.

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