Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Garden!!!

So as I said earlier Mark got me all the stuff to start a garden for my birthday so here are some pictures of us getting it ready!! I am so excited to see what we can grow and to have some veggies and herbs right in our backyard! I also think Trey will love to help do this--what boy doesn't love dirt? Also by the time fall comes hopefully the veggies we grow from seeds will be ready and perfected for when I puree Bostons baby food. Right now we have Dill, Mint, & Basil for herbs--red & yellow bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, & watermelon!
The boys getting doing the hard work

Herbs on the left veggies on the right
The veggies


The Griegers said...

I love the pic of trey on top of all the dirt!!!

Jessica Stoker said...

Now you have inspired me to get going on my garden. GOOD JOB.

Amy Lemmermann said...

You are so cute!! I has a garden in my old house and this post reminds me to get my butt in gear and start one here!! and I LOVE that Mark gave you all the stuff for your thoughtful!!

Amy Lemmermann said...

yes jam is SOOO easy to make just buy pectin, the jars lots of suger and lots of strawberries then follow the quick and easy instructions on the pectin (which is usually by the jello) let me know if you need help!!oh and sams has big things of strawberries for 1.98 each so I got 10.

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