Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing with Brayden!

Today Brayden came over to play and you 2 were hysterical together!! It is so fun to see you 2 together because you guys are literally 1 week apart and now he has a little brother that will be here VERY soon!!! So Trey can not ever not have his shorts off or off comes the diaper (he even sometimes decides to take both off) so when we wanted them to play with the water table this it what happened...
2 Very cute tooshies!!!!
Thankyou GiGi for this water table this gives hours of entertainment!!!!
Caught in the act of mischief


Jessica Stoker said...

I guess he was hot and needed a dip.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures! why do they always have to get IN the water table? I think i need to buy another little baby pool this year b/c of this!

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