Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A visit to the Bunny!

Trey was a little shy & Boston slept thru the whole thing!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

San Tan Flats!

I have been wanting to go to this place for awhile now so I was very excited for Sunday night to come because we were going with The Stillman Family!!! Trey & Presley ran around & danced the night away--literally we were there 3 1/2 hours!!! We ate outside right by the live music so the kids could go to the dance floor. (Any place with all country music is amazing in my book) Trey actually stayed on the dance floor a good amount of time without darting off in some crazy direction (we are working on this) Then they played with saw dust & old beer boxes (people were using these for all the fire pits there) for probably an hour--they were filthy by the time we left. We ended the night with a fire and SMORES!!
Making smores with Momma
Thank you Preston for taking this picture-NOT-I am telling Trey not to throw sawdust in his and Presleys's hair and he is laughing at me--I wont tell you all what had to happen next
Like Father like Son
Waiting for our dinner
Out on the dance floor--Trey has the same moves no matter what music he listens to--we are going to have to work on that lol
Is Presley not the cutest thing? She had on her red cowboy boots too!Again Preston had the camera so I over dramatized my Smore eating
Aunt Kristin holding Boston for the 1st time!
The boys with the babies!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here's an example...

So this is what I was talking about with Mr. Trey--I was feeding Boston and Trey pretty much has come to realize that unless danger is involved I won't get up while I am feeding so he took his pants and diaper off in the backyard and ran around in the nude! I mean going down his slide and everything.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Tumble Bug!!!

Well today Trey had his 1st gym class!!! He is officially a "Busy Bee" out of the Tumble Bug program at Aspire. Trey LOVED it!!!! We will for sure be doing this thru the summer to keep out of the heat but still do physical activities. He did surprisingly well with his listening skills and I would think they will only get better. I would also guess he will be able to jump soon--he really liked the trampoline stations. Luckily MiMi & GiGi are rotating weeks coming so I can go in with him while they watch Boston!!!

Learning to do a forward roll at the obstacle course
Thru the tunnel
As you can see he is running back to go again

Taking a break after getting worn out in the foam pit

Boston's 1 month!!!!

Your birth announcements!

Ohhhh my sweet baby boy I don't want you to get bigger! I love how little and snuggly you are. You have been the BEST baby this last month--I don't even want to brag because you might change but you sure showed me that Trey was not as perfect as I thought lol because to this day the only major crying episode that has lasted longer than 5 minutes has been when you were circumcised and who can blame you? You still sleep pretty great most the nights giving me 4 hour segments of sleep and never confused your nights with days--so THANKYOU for that!!!! You also are now awake a little more than before. You still love to sleep but your awake times are getting a little longer. If I'm wearing you or we are driving you are always asleep. I really enjoy our night time nursing sessions (when I'm not beyond tired). I like the quiet time when it's just you and I. You make the cutest little noises when eating and just stare up at me--this is hard to focus on during the day when your brother is running around naked getting into to trouble lol!
You still wear newborn size diapers and newborn size clothes but I think we will be moving to the next size for both in the next few weeks!

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Egg hunt of the Season!

Today Trey and I went to our church's playgroup--today was the Easter Egg Hunt!!! We also went thru the Resurrection eggs with the kids ('s the website if you are interested) Trey had a blast being outside at the park for 2 hours plus Daddy stayed home with Boston so he had me all to himself-lol! Trey for sure understood the objection this year on the egg hunt-he wanted to hold all his eggs at one time so I had to keep reminding him he could put them in his basket!

Trey always with one of the Brown girls.... Preston might have to keep an eye on you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trey's version of T-Ball & My sweet baby!

Boston 3 days before his 1 month birthday!!!! How is he 1 month already?

So Trey has a T-ball and a golf set that both require placing the ball on a form of tee--it is hilarious to watch him intently focus on getting the ball on the tee or t-ball stand. He then proceeds to wacking the crap out of either ball!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Irish boys!!! (15% that is)

So today we had our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner at my parents house. This is one of my favorite meals!!!!! Here are a couple pictures from throughout the day of my handsome boys sporting their GREEN!!!!
Thanks Great Aunt Dede for my St. Patty's PJ's!!!

Trey gets so excited to hold him!!!!!

Such a big boy now sporting your green converse!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 week update!!!!

Well Boston you are now weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz!!!! You are still pretty tiny fitting in only newborn clothes. You have been an amazing baby so far which I am soooo grateful for!!! Trey-you my friend-are a different story!!!! You love your brother and have never tried to hurt him and always want to kiss and hug him, BUT you are a little mad at me!!!! (Luckily when I take you off alone you act like nothing happened so I can get little glimpses of my sweet boy)At times you will go from one thing you know your not suppose to do right to the next but only if I am looking, if I ignore you then you go back to playing lol so we are for sure working on that!!! You also are straying from your sleep schedule but we are just trying to stay consistent so you will adapt to your NEW normal life! Other than that though life has been great!
I think Boston will be more of my chocolate boy...

Why was I not sleeping when these 3 decided to take a nap?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boston's Newborn Pictures

So of course we had Jackie Lindfors do Boston's newborn pictures... I love that she did Trey's as well so we got some of the same poses to compare them! She took soooo many I don't even know where to start with my ordering. Boston was 8 days old when we took these pictures. I think Jackie just needs to become part of my family-haha!!!! Again sorry I listed them out but when I get the CD of blog it works better. (This is not even half of them)

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