Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 crafts in 1 week!

*Sorry we have a multi color light in here so it does not make for a good pic!
So last week Kristin came over and we made art display holders for the amazing little artists in our lives! Set the splash pad up, 2 popsicles, frozen bananas, and chalk--by the time they were bored with all that VOILA!!!!! (Oh and little Boston was napping) I made mine for the boys playroom under the stairs which is all lime green, red, and blue. SO I found a sprocket wheel print in those colors and added some buttons to embellish. (Kristin's is 100 times cuter than mine because she has a little girl so it got rhinestones!!!!!) Anyways this is what I came up with for my 'lil' Da Vinci!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trey's Birthday Celebration

Well Trey I am not sure what was crazier your toddler party or our family party!!! Your day started out great when you came down the stairs and saw the birthday banner--you LOVED it and ran over to it immediately (totally worth all the hours of making it lol) then I made you pancakes in the shapes of animals which you also thought was pretty cool! Aunt Shayla came over and played ALL day and let you open their gift before your party which was a Toy Story sleeping bag and the slinky dog so you were in heaven because at the moment you are OBSESSED with Toy Story! Then came time for all the family to come--you are one spoiled little boy with ALL your aunties and both sets of grandparents in town--they all strolled in each holding gifts!! So remember a couple days ago when your feet grew overnight well apparently everyone had the same idea so you got 12 pairs!!!!! 4 Jordans 1 Nike 4 Vans 2 Sperry 1 Converse
The funny thing was you LOVED every pair--you are the biggest shoe toddler I know! Mommy and Daddy got you an Escalade Power Wheels which was hilarious to watch, Aunt Shanel made you the cutest TIME-OUT chair, Uncle Ken & Aunt Shamara had a NFL Cardinals jersey made just for you with Uncle Ken's name and # on it (and 3 pairs of shoes because Ken's is obsessed with shoes) Aunt Shamesha & Uncle Reggie got you shoes, Sabriya got you a new BIGGER basketball hoop, GiGi & Poppie got you 2 pairs of shoes, a sports class, & real miniature golf clubs complete with a bag, Aunt Santana got you True Religions, Great Grandma got you your own mini suitcase, Woody PJ's, and a Woody doll & MiMi & PaPa got you your own IPad!!!! (So yes my 2 year old now has his own lol) Then we did cake and you got to play with all your stuff and as of this minute the house still looks like a tornado rolled thru... It was a very fun birthday for you, and I'm glad you won't remember everything so the family has 1 more year to learn not to over do it otherwise you are going to have some HIGH expectations lol.


Aunt Shayla

So bummed Aunt Shayla had just left before we set the timer

You like this chair now but that won't last long
The IPad

Watch Out

Great Grandma & Boston
Rollin in your Caddi

You love stethescopes so you also got a doctor kit
We will work on the golf swing--and NOT in the house

You even love the new shoe smell--man are we introuble!

And you ended the night with Woody in hand watching Toy Story in your new PJ's


Two years ago...

I can still remember the 1st time I felt you move in my belly, we didn't know yet if you were a boy or girl--Daddy and I were at the Suns game and you clearly started kicking up a storm. I remember saying maybe it's a boy and he is going to LOVE basketball... Here we are 2 years later and you have been obsessed with it for at least 9 months. (your pretty good at too which did NOT come from either of your parents directly) Anyways I can not believe I am the mother to a full blown toddler!!! These last 2 years have been so amazing I can not put it into words --Trey it is so crazy to me that you are turning 2. I really feel like I just had you, like you were just a tiny little baby wrapped on my chest. I can't believe that you are now a running, jumping, talking, 2 year old. I hope I always remember your Birth-day as clearly as I do now. Those first days with you were so amazing, I had wanted to be a mom my whole life and you made my dreams come true on your birthday. You were more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Now as I sit here thinking I only have 16 years left to transform you into a honest, caring man who will be respectful of women, loyal and faithful in marriage,a keeper of commitments, a strong leader, good worker, and secure in your masculinity, and of course the ultimate goal to give you a lifelong passion for Jesus--I freak out because that does not seem like enough time for us to instill all these traits in you lol!!!!

We LOVE you so much and can't wait to celebrate with you today!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little project

So I actually did some sewing today!!!! My sister and I sewed ALL day and made Happy Birthday banners that can be hung up for everyone's birthday--they turned out so cute!!! I LOVE it!!! I think it will be so neat to take this out every year for our birthdays! Why did I decide to do this the day before Trey's birthday??? This project had quite a few steps lol. It took FOREVER--it's not easy to leisurely sew with a teething 5 month old and a 2 year old running around wanting to throw my scraps away but really throwing pieces of the banner away lol!! Its still not completely embellished but it will work for tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Slam Dunkerz

Trey had his 1st basketball class today! Once we got past the "stretching" part at the beginning of the class things got better but since they were not allowed to hold their basketballs during this part Trey had a mini melt down and I had to escort him outside to have a "talk". I would say Trey does amazing at shooting the ball and making it, his listening skills on the other hand are not so good lol! One of the reasons that he might not have been cooperative at basketball could be that his Nike's were 2 whole sizes too small! (Yes I feel awful that I shoved his foot in the shoe not knowing) The entire class he kept saying "shoe off" so right after class I took his shoes off and decided we would go to Nordstroms and have his foot measured. Sure enough he measured 7 1/2 (plus he has the chubbiest feet ever that are square like) so we got 8's. The Nike's he wore that morning were a SIX!!!!!!
Now this brings me to a little side note--Can somebody please tell me why people feel the need to ask me "Oh does your husband play ball" and it is ALWAYS by a person working at a department store!!! This has happened multiple times since I have had Trey. I seriously do not get it--I don't think people mean to be rude by it at all, but come on people I know you are thinking this "white" chick (which I get have a reputation for being with athletes, but hello some of us were just super good friends in high school lol) who obviously is married to a black guy by looking at my children in the stroller (this is a whole other issue that cracks me up too) is out shopping away(which I don't shop that often I just do it all in one trip because HELLO my kids are 19 months apart and not fun to shop with) so her husband must be in the NFL??? I feel like saying NO he actually works in their family business which does NOT involve running down a court or field are you that stupid??? LOL What do you think, would that be coming off too strong)
Well I might as well share what happens when Mark and I go out together with the kids!!! Literally people have a fascination with what mixed babies/kids look like--when Mark and I are walking in the mall and we pay attention it is hilarious what people will do to try and get a look lol especially when they are small and in the bassinet part so you have to go behind us and look in, but people do it lol!!! It is freaking hilarious! I actually think this is the 1st time I have ever even blogged about us being black and white lol that's kind of funny...
Sitting on "the bench"
Trey & Brayden "plotting"--these 2 feed off each other lol

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