Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Birthday!

This year for my birthday I went out to lunch at The Farm with my Mom, Sister, Grandma, & of course the little boys! I absolutely LOVED this place. It was so nice out--I am sad to see the 100 degree weather come! Then that night Mark took me to Roka Akor and it was amazing. If you are a foody you should go there it is the 1st and only one in the United States!!! Mark got me the sweetest gift ever (it might sound odd to many of you) but for awhile now I have been saying I want to start a garden so he made me a basket full of everything I need to start one and even bought the wood to build me the planters for it!!! I am so excited to do this so Sara and Jaclyn I know you have one I need your help-lol!!!!! So thankyou sooooo much Mark for paying attention to the little things!

Playing in the Pecan Tree field at The Farm


Miss M! said...

I'm so jealous you get to have a garden! Are you going to start to compost too?

Kimberlyn said...

I totally want to try that restaurant! Yummy sushi!!!

melissa said...

glad you had fun! i love to garden too!

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