Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yee Ha!

Today Boston had a birthday party to go to for his friend Makayla. She just turned 2 as well so they are fairly close in age. It was the cutest little western party--which Boston loved because it reminded him of Woody. It's always weird when I take just one of the boys somewhere alone--it seems so peaceful & easy lol. Trey got to spend the day with MiMi so I am sure he loved his one on one time as well:)

Playing with the birthday girl


Friday, January 20, 2012

Toy Story on Ice

A few months back a bunch of our friends bought tickets to all take our kids to Toy Story on Ice--it was AWESOME and the boys were in AWE!! The seats were pretty low so it kept their attention the full 2 hours! We were suppose to kidnap Daddy from work for a little bit to join us, but of course it was a busy week so he couldn't go so we kidnapped Poppie from his work instead:) I highly recommend the show if your looking for something to do...

The Army men were for sure the FAVORITE act
The effects/stunts even impressed me:)

Trey & Presley

Boston stood like this 80% of the time in awe
Those were all Jazzercise Barbies lol
See those slushies--50.00 for those 4--I am dead serious:)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Trip to Tucson

The boys and I took a little mini trip down to Tucson for the day to see my PaPa that was in town from Carlsbad. We got to see some other family too while we were down there. We had a little down time at my aunt's and then we all went to lunch at the same restaurant we always go to--Casa Molina:)
Playing with his cousins football gear was a BIG highlight

The boys, my dad, & PaPa
With 3 of his 4 great grand-kids
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Not bad for a Monday...

Originally we were headed to The Farm at South Mountain for lunch today, but when we got there we found it was closed on Mondays lol so we decided just to drive and see where we ended up... Well we ended up at The Vig in Arcadia, which neither of us had ever been to. So I called from the parking lot to make sure it was kid friendly and it was so we went in, and I am SOOOO glad we did! The atmosphere, food, & drinks were all perfect--and the boys were perfectly behaved! From there we went to Chelsea's Kitchen where Mark ran in and bought us all a piece of red velvet cake that we shared in the car. As we all ate our piece of cake we drove around at looked at the INSANE mansions up on Camelback mountain... It was a delightful day!
*I did this with my iphone

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Derby Luncheon

Today was the 1st event of a few for my sister in law's upcoming wedding--her bridal shower which happen to be Kentucky Derby themed. It was SO MUCH FUN dressing up and wearing big fun hats--I LOVE a good party:) The atmosphere was perfect--it really is so exciting for me to watch and be a part of their upcoming wedding--Mark's family has been apart of my life now for 10 years so I truly am so excited to watch her and her fiance get married!!!! Here are a few pictures but I honestly didn't take that many so I will have to get some from MIL to show how cute the shower was:)
My sister, Grandma, Mom, & I
My 5 sisters on Mark's side and my Mother in Law
Just the SISTERS
My Sister
My handsome husband sporting Malaysia's (our 5 month old niece)Derby hat lol

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trey Random Entry

1st Day Back to School:
Well I have to say I am shocked we lasted this long, but today {the 1st day of 2nd semester} as I was picking you up from school I was greeted with "Did Trey do a lot of wrestling/football over Christmas Break" ME: as I ever so sweetly look down at you "Ummm yes I suppose he did" TEACHER: "Well he periodically was tackling the other students today" ME: I honestly don't even remember what I responded with but as soon as I got in the car and did my little speech to you--we rode straight to Honeybears {where Daddy then had a talk with you} in silence as I pondered the thought of how many teachers/principles meetings were in my future... Now somehow I have to figure out how to get you to understand when your allowed to tackle--which has been ok whenever your with any Uncles or Aunts for that matter--and when you CAN NOT:)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of our "Staycation"

We really have not done much of anything this past week even though Mark was off the whole time! We got quite a bit of organizing and cleaning {we are trying to somewhat get organized for our move while its so nice outside}but we didn't finish:) I am SO SAD he is going back to work tomorrow lol--we stayed up so late watching movies every night, and he cooked some amazing meals, and we went on a date night to The Sushi Room--it was perfect!! I am super excited for our real vacations coming up though too--so I suppose I will just start counting down the days for those:)
We decided to take the boys to the zoo today since it was so nice out, so enjoy all the pictures of the back of their heads lol...
At the new orangutan exhibit

Ever since they saw RIO the birds are now a favorite as well
The Lion
Then we also took Trey out to practice on his new bike for the 1st time

Poppie trying to teach him to pedal
Let's just say he doesn't get it yet lol but he is close
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