Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maternity Pictures Part 1!

We decided to split up our pictures into 2 days--1 with the boys and 1 with out... Here are the ones with. We decided to do them at a cupcake shop so they would be pretty laid back and fun--good thing too because Boston was borderline a terror to work with lol!!!! Jackie Lindfors of course did them--it only seemed right since she did Trey's and Boston's, and I LOVE her work--I can't wait to see the next set of pics with just Mark & I--way more peaceful lol!!!

I Love how Trey is going to kiss Mark's belly lol

Boston was crying here and Trey consoled him lol
Trey putting a shoe on his belly lol

Boston growling at the cherry

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trey's 4th Birthday

 This is where all his presents were waiting for him when he woke up....
 Of course Boston had to get 1 too:)

 Confetti pancakes for breakfast
This marble toy is a HUGE hit!!!
 Trey's birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we were able to have his party on the same day! For me it was a very low key party, but it wasn't necessarily due to my laziness lol... It was at a bounce place that Trey picked and they were SUPER strict about only allowing cakes to be brought in, and no other desserts/drinks/food. I can not say that I was bummed though lol so we ordered his cool cake and made some super hero capes for the kids and that was it lol!!! He had a blast and it's the place and theme that he picked so all was well for him. So here are the party pictures...

 I ABSOLUTELY loved how his cake turned out courtesy of MOB!!

 I LOVE the way all the super hero capes turned out!!!! (tutorial at the bottom)

 All the kids modeling their capes

 GiGi & Audie:)

 Don't you love our family picture with the machine guns lol?
Thank you so much to all our family & friends who came out to celebrate with us!

CAPE Mini Tutorial...
I wanted this to be the easiest non-time consuming project because at 8 months pregnant I am a tad sluggish and since I had 15 to make I was honestly dreading it--(luckily my mom & grandma helped me & put a fire under my you know what lol) There was NO sewing involved!!! Anyways I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all my supplies
-Red felt by the yard--each cape was a perfect 25 X 25 in. square
-Hot Glue sticks (I didn't have time for fabric glue to dry since I procrastinated lol)
-sheets of black, orange, & yellow felt (4 for a dollar) for the logo which I just eyed to make
-Black yarn

After cutting out the squares for the actual cape we then cut the yarn and placed along one side--then we folded over a 1 in. flap and glued CAREFUL NOT to let your yarn get glue on it because it needs to move to allow the collar of the cape to scrunch when tied. Then I just cut out the pieces for the logo and hot glued those on--and I WAS DONE!!!! Such a fun and easy party favor!!!!
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