Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

The bubble machine!!!!
I didnt know pictures would be taken during the jam making so I have no makeup on lol

The finished product--hopefully it worked otherwise I will have to try again lol
A little basketball with the boys
Trey learning how to blow candles out--only 3 more months to get the hang of it!

Saturday we had a little BBQ to celebrate my moms birthday-It was a SUPER busy evening!!! We did Trey's new bubble machine, ate dinner, my Grandma and I made homemade strawberry jam, and we did cake! Trey of course was in heaven because Shaw and Shane were there! Trey is 100% obsessed with my brother Shaw-lately he has been carrying around a Madden Playstation game case saying Shaw because he thinks any football player is him. Then the next day we went to church and Trey had a BIG day--he said Jesus for the 1st time (sounds like Geesusus) and stayed in the nursery the whole service!!! This is something he used to do but since Boston was born its a full blown bloody murder scream up to the nursery door and he did scream for 20 minutes today but then quit and played, so I didn't have the dreaded # pop up on the screen in front of church with my kids number! Then I got to go out to lunch with a friend for my birthday at The Living Room which was super good--so it was a good day!


Kimberlyn said...

Love the new blog page! Also where did you get the bubble machine?, I know Chloe would just love that!

Miss M! said...

I've always wanted to learn how to make jam, but I don't like it so therefore it would not get eaten. Lame.

The Nolans said...

We love making jam, its really so easy and usually lasts us all year until the next year when strawberries go on sale again. :)

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