Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swimming in March

So I mustered up the courage to take the boys (alone) to the public pool lol--well we went with the Johnson's but I meant no other adult for my 2! Actually to my surprise it was quite relaxing and I will for sure do it again! Might I add that 14 weeks pregnant is not a ideal time to go to the public pool lol--I don't have a distinct belly so it just looks like I have ate too much lately lol.
Trey & Layla swam so good and LOVED going down the slide over and over again

Boston & Tatum
Snack time


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big boy bed for Boston!

Boston has LOVED his crib since about 10 weeks old--putting himself to sleep and sleeping long hours in it so I was not looking forward to putting him in a bed, but because the baby I decided now was as good as time as any to try especially while I am still mobile in case it involved lots of trips back and forth... Well its been 3 days now and I would say it is going pretty good. He plays for 30 mins-1 hour and half before nap, but he listens and does not come out--he has gotten smarter and goes up in the bed now instead of falling asleep on the ground lol. And so far at night he doesn't play he just goes to sleep--I'm thinking its because its dark?? I am hoping it continues to go well, and now it won't be like the baby came and stole his bed lol.
*Also excuse the mismatched bedding on the bed--I refuse to put any of the new bedding on our beds til we move lol--I know I am weird, but this is not our home so its a little bit of a free for all:)
This is the 1st day of telling him to take a nap-he fell asleep 1.5 hour later
This was in the morning after he slept thru the night the 1st night in the bed


Friday, March 23, 2012

Preschool in March

Even though Trey had a week off this month for spring break--he has done so much fun stuff this month at school! They had a Dr. Seuss party where Mrs. Stacey made them green eggs and ham and read lots of Dr. Seuss books. It was also dinosaur month so they got to excavate for fossils along with some other neat things.
Green eggs & ham breakfast


Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day!

Of course my Mom had her annual corned beef and cabbage dinner with green decor everywhere!!! The meal was amazing as usual and I think since this Mark's 9th year in a row having it you could say he is used to it by now lol. I think next year when we are in our house I will invite his family over and make them try it lol!! I will admit I didn't deck us out in cute green outfits lol or make a cool green breakfast like I wanted to out of pure laziness on my part--we had my father in laws big western party last night and that took all my energy--I am so ready to go back to feeling normal!!!

Boston's tattoo
Trey's tattoo


Friday, March 16, 2012

PaPa is 50!!!!

Mark's dad is turning the big 50 this month so of course a HUGE surprise birthday party for him was in order--WESTERN of course since that is his favorite!!! Coincidentally Big Mark actually had special cowboy hats made for the boys a month ago so they got to wear them!! They have "lil cowbro" burned into them, and are super nice! (for those of you that don't know the beans at Honeybears are called Cowbro Beans and there is a picture at the Van Buren location of my Mark as a toddler in western wear with a plaque under it that says little cowbro) There are 100 more pics on MiMi's blog here if you want to see more...
Being Surprised!
The super cute dessert table
Boston LOVED the horses

MiMi & the boys
The group

MiMi & PaPa

He had just arrived:)

The boys never want to leave these 2 alone

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The mouse ears the boys picked out for their NEW baby brother or sister:)

Well I am not even sure where to start with this post--but we are going to have ANOTHER baby! Hence my huge blogging absence in February-my time was spent barfing instead of doing things to blog about lol! I have been super sick, got 5 migraines, & been super tired. The baby news did come as a HUGE shock (like I think I didn't even think to take a test til I was 13 days late lol) since obviously this is not an ideal time since we still have not even found a house lol, and had some trips planned that are now cancelled, but I suppose it will all work out.
I have not committed to where I will be having this baby since I am thinking we will barely be in our new home when it comes, which kind of defeats the purpose of a serene home birth, but would work!!! Or what if we are still in the apt. because things didn't line up right--I was extremely loud giving birth with Boston lol I am not sure how that would go in a complex?? You can bring a midwife into Gilbert Mercy I guess, but you can not give birth in the tub only labor which defeats the purpose to me so I am not sold on that... (Your telling me that at the point when I want to die your going to say "ok get up and move to the bed now to push out your kid" I might use some vulgar language in that situation) Plus I would have to sign a bunch of papers telling them to not give me a IV yadayadayada... So I still have no clue what to do lol... I am currently 12 1/2 weeks and due at the end of September. So I will be praying for an answer on what to do--hopefully it comes sooner than later:)

I suppose the most next popular comment/question I get is "Are you hoping it's a girl--if not will you have another" lol ummmm No I will not be having another! We wanted 3 kids eventually regardless of what they were--in fact I am not sold on the "needing a girl" philosophy... My Mom says my reasons for wanting all boys is extremely selfish lol but I am just being honest:) Who wouldn't love getting flowers from 4 boys on holidays lol?? I won't share any more reasons until I know what we are having, and obviously after watching some different things with family and friends all we really want is a healthy baby--which sounds very cliche but is true.
This cake is how we told Mark's side of the family about the baby--Malaysia had just been dedicated that morning and so after everyone had lunch we brought this cake out and just watched people's expressions as they looked around to see if anyone knew what it was talking about lol. It was actually hilarious to watch, but the most entertaining would have to be Shamara as she looked at it 4 times and still never quite thoroughly read it thru and then when she did she screamed lol... We should have video taped it because it was so loud and funny!
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Breakfast with the Characters

Of course we had to go have Breakfast with the Characters again--this is my favorite!! This year we tried Goofy's Kitchen. I would say the food was pretty good--we were a little disappointed Mickey and Minnie were not there, but it was still VERY FUN! Trey was into his autograph book which meant Boston had to have one too, but he was more distant about it lol!

Aunt Shay, Trey, & Blue


Only Disneyland would have cupcakes available at breakfast:)

High Five

Trey didn't even know who 1 princess was lol

The boys being silly

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