Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yogurt all around

So Boston is still on his food strike (besides yogurt) so I try to sneak pureed veggies in with it and from the pics below you would think he loved it BUT he is fooling you he is just smiling because I have to act like the biggest retard there is just to get him to open his mouth... Oh and because Boston has yogurt all the time now so does Trey ...
This was green beans added

See how Lightning McQueen (aka Kachow) joins us at every meal too


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bye Bye Ba!!!!

Yes I realize I was suppose to do this awhile ago according to the doctor but I didn't lol! I did not think there was a huge problem because its not like Trey was running around with a bottle and had to have it all day while he played ect. plus I had my mom in my ear saying all the things we do now days are stupid because we all turned out fine. Plus I worked so hard to get him to take the bottle at 10 months after I nursed I was NOT going to just take it away 2 months later. Anyways for the past year I would give him it before bed (yes yes I know don't you all gasp I know you secretly are doing things your not suppose to do either, but your HIDING it lol) Anyways randomly I found these cups at the store with CARS on them and thought Trey will love these, maybe I will just give him this now at night cuz he can have KACHOW with him (he calls lightning mcqueen Kachow) so last night I did it and there was no issue at all. So here is the goodbye ceremony with the ba's. Oh and I dont want to hear your thoughts on how I give him a cup before bed still lol--its not like its juice lol!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Boston in last 7 months you for sure have made my heart double in size for the LOVE I have for you! You add so much to our family!
What you have been up to:
-You do this thing where you grab my face with both hands and bring it to your face for a wet kiss and I LOVE it!!!
-You reach for me now--which MELTS my heart
-You are so ticklish which is so fun when we play!!!
-Aug. 31 your 1st little tooth popped thru and 3 days later so did another
-You decided to boycott food this month which has been soooo NOT fun--I have to get you to laugh every time to open your mouth then shove the binky in your mouth after every bite! You are hating every single fruit and veggie there is except you will eat yogurt. So you my friend will have NO little licks of ice cream or sweets til we get this figured out!
-You do little crawls here and there but are not going from room to room yet
-You still only laugh the hardest at Trey which normally means he is doing something that I am not thrilled about lol
-You LOVE LOVE LOVE your Daddy--he can make you smile and get all excited as soon as he gets home from work
-You are starting to sit up and even sat up alone from the crawl position
-You have the sweetest, calming disposition (most the time)
-You love to stand against things--but are still quite wobbly
-You are still sleeping quite well--so much so that when you wake up in the morning to eat I don't even care because I can't wait to see you!
It's all bittersweet I love seeing you grow and accomplish things but I am already missing my newborn--I can see why people just keep having babies lol!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trey Speech Update

So today Trey had his 1st little part of his evaluation to see if he needs speech therapy. (At his 2 year well check his doctor told us to have him evaluated because he is borderline delayed with expressive language) So we found out that as of now it's not considered delayed but he is very borderline so at 27 months he will be re-evaluated to see if he has progressed. I guess at 27 months there is a whole other batch of things that he should be doing so if he does not catch up in the next 6 weeks we then proceed to do the therapy. So now we will work with him a ton to try and catch him up. Here is the REALLY stupid part-- say we catch him up a little but not enough then we get to come out of pocket ALL the money because our stupid insurance won't cover it but say he is 50% or more delayed then the state pays for some of it and sends the therapist to your house to do the sessions (i like that option lol especially not having to leave my house) So I guess time will tell, but we will be praying that he just catches up!!!! Since we had to do that I figured I would make the effort to let Trey go to my brother's football game that night (Boston HATES staying up past 8 so its kind of a pain plus I LOVE that he likes his bed time and I have this fear if I keep him out later too many times he will turn into Trey and be able to hang til 10!!!--I really just need to find a babysitter that can come to the house lol but I am a paranoid freak and have only let family watch my kids so far)
Auntie Shayla, Trey, & I at the TUKEE BOWL
*Trey LOVES football so much he actually sits and watches the game the whole time we are there (we always leave at half time because of bed time for Boston so I guess it's not extremely long)


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Mark and I have been contemplating getting the boys a Thomas the Train table for awhile now, and originally we were going to do it for Christmas because all the pieces are a little over the top in price, but then 2 nights ago I got a random idea to look on Craig's List and GUESS WHAT I found???? A set that included the table, the tracks, some buildings, tons of trains, & Cranky the Crane all for 120.00 bucks in EXCELLENT condition!!!! So I was sold because do you people know what this stuff costs?? For starters the same table is on the Thomas website for 290.00 with nothing else!!!!! I have to say that I am VERY happy with my 1st Craig's List purchase not to mention that its going on 3 hours and Trey has not left the table--like he even went #2 in his diaper and proceeded to step back and take the diaper off and leave it on the floor and went back to the table like I was going to just let him play without being cleaned up lol. Plus I am hoping this will teach him to be GENTLE. So far 3 hours into this he has not even tried to take the track apart which is AMAZING for our son lol!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Random pics from today...

So today we started the day out by going to Bounce Jungle for 2 hours with friends then did a little grocery shopping then came home and napped the boys while I did some work then played, ate dinner, did baths and put the kids down!
Before we left--Trey likes these now again because Boston does of course...
Boston with Miss Layla
Bath time


Monday, September 6, 2010

His 1st crawls...

So when I got the camera out it was originally to get how Boston gets up on all 4's and rocks, but he started crawling when I turned the camera on!!!!! Even though I knew it was coming it makes me a little sad... (And I can't believe I will have 2 on the move!!!)



So Boston this week you have been on a food strike--I am thinking due to your cold--anyways you have hated every pureed food but you saw this pickle on the side of my plate and you went to town on it!!!! Kind of a bizarre thing for you to want to eat but whatever you want!!!!!

Love his big brown eyes!!!!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday School

Today was a big day at church for the boys!!! Boston went into the nursery for the 1st time and Trey got moved from the nursery to the 2's & 3's Sunday school class!!! I would have taken a picture of Trey going but the screaming bloody murder and clinging to me would not let that happen lol! They said after 10 minutes he was fine so that's pretty good because church was about 1 hour and 40 minutes today. I thought it was so cute they even send home a verse that we are suppose to go over all month together! I have to admit it was hard for me to put Boston in the nursery--I could not wait to go get him out!!!! I might have to keep him a couple more times with me lol. Then after church we took the boys to Artville for a little bit.

At Artville
Modeling his project from Sunday school before we hung it on the fridge

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