Friday, April 23, 2010


Mark and I have been married for 5 years today--crazy!!! The 1st 3 years we always took a big trip over our anniversary and it was heavenly, but the last 2 we would have had a 8 month or 2 month old and I was nursing so we have just done a date plus with the economy not being great it wasn't a big deal, however we ARE going somewhere next April because I won't be nursing anymore and better NOT be pregnant-lol! (So even though I have not asked yet I am almost positive GiGi and MiMi wont mind babysitting for a couple days each) Anyways tonight we went out to dinner at D'Vine (we love it there) and to the casino lol dont ask!

*Trey & Boston when you do come back and read this I do hope you have learned how to treat your wives on a holiday because it is something your Dad ALWAYS did even if I told him not to so we could just save money (I can be cheap-I'm sure this is shocking to many of you but I can lol) he always had flowers or some extremely thoughtful gift!!! (he must have learned this from having 5 sisters around)

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The Juarez Family said...

Congrats! Fun memories looking at your wedding pics!

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