Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night!

For Halloween this year we spent the evening with good friends at The Locke's home! They make chili and cornbread and the kids ran around all crazy:) I made pumpkin whoopie pies this year with cream cheese middles and they were YUMMY!!! Can I just say that I love my whoopie pie pan lol? Anyways its always quite comical hanging out with this group of friends since they each have 2 girls and we have the only boys--lets just say there was NOT a lack of princesses:) Trey could actually say Trick or Treat this year which was fun and he totally got what the point was, but was a tad lazy lol he wanted back in the wagon in between each house --Boston soon caught on too on what to do to get some candy! I must say my little pirates were so freaking cute I LOVED it!!!! I CAN NOT wait til Halloween next year--I am assuming we will be in our new home by then so I can DECORATE lol!!!!
Do you know how long this Woody took me lol??
Carmel apples and pumpkin carving
Gigi handed out Thomas trains & DVD's when the boys said Trick or Treat lol

and Great-Grandma had premade Halloween bags full of treats!!!

Captain Hook

Yes we stuck Peter Pan in the tree lol


Boston & Ellison relaxing after trick or treating
Love Love Love these girls--missing Courtney though:(
Dinner Time--Josh's chili was AMAZING!!!
Molly was the cutest elephant ever!

this was the laziness I was talking about lol
The 1st Trick or Treat ever!!
Bert taking Trey in the mini haunted house for candy lol

and Boston chasing a naked girl up the stairs--going to have to nip that in the butt lol!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Festival at School

Trey's class had a little harvest festival at preschool today--the kids got to wear their costumes, play games, do a craft, and eat yummy treats!! I got assigned cupcakes ,and of course I already had 100 things pinned on pinterest so I made Brains in a Jar (cupcakes) and they were so fun to make and tasted AMAZING, and I heard the kids LOVED them!

Captain Hook & a VERY cute butterfly
*I didn't let him take his HOOK to school for safety reasons lol
Goofy eyes at school--Trey's class
Trey & Trey
Best friends
Presley the kitty cat


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party

Our playgroup had their annual Halloween Party today-it kind of got off to the wrong start when I got over half way there and realized I forgot their costumes lol and had to turn around, but it ended up fine. We have gone to this every year since Trey was born so it really is so fun to see all the same kids grow up together and now all the siblings. Trey is quite into pirates right now which means Boston also is into pirates--Jake and the Never land Pirates is a HUGE show for us so I was not shocked when this was what Trey wanted to be--so Trey is Captain Hook and Boston is Peter Pan:) Of course I had to make a matching themed dessert to share so I made cupcakes with crocodiles on them from the Peter Pan movie. I LOVE how excited Trey gets with every little thing--he thinks anything I bake is literally the greatest thing in the world and I LOVE it!!! I am not going to lie it was a rough long day and I just did not have the energy to take lots of pictures so here is to hoping I get more on Halloween:)
The whole gang!
My attempt at the crocodile from Peter Pan :)
Its so funny because these 2 stay pretty close together the whole time

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