Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday!

I love this picture!
Surrounded by testosterone

From the Easter Bunny

Playing with his loot

Uncle Ken pushing Trey on the scooter

So Sweet!
Aunt Shamesha & Boston
Aunt Sabriya & Boston
GiGi with Boston
My grandma, my mom, my sister, & me
Getting his basket from Great Grandma
Of course Uncle Shaw and Poppie had you putting your eggs in the lacrosse net
I have looked forward to dressing my kids on holidays for I can not even tell you how long (way before I was even married) so I was VERY excited to go get the boys matching Easter outfits! I love that I get to buy TWO now (well lets be honest not pay for 2 but you get the point) It's almost a game to find super cute boy clothes because unlike the girl clothes that I swear you can find everywhere you have to hunt for stud like clothes--anyways I think my boys look very HANDSOME! Ok I know clothes have nothing to do with the real reason of Easter so we will move on--We started out our day with Trey having to hunt around the house for his Easter basket and goodies from the Easter Bunny! Then we went to church-which was so nice to go as our new family of 4!!! Trey decided he was not going to go to nursery --our # came across the screen after 20 mins so Mark went and got him and brought him in. He actually sat on his lap the entire time and fell asleep--so we had 2 sleeping boys! From there we went to MiMi and PaPa's house where all of the aunties oodled over how cute the boys looked (when there are 5 aunts and only 2 nephews total this can get a bit out of hand) Trey also got a Easter basket of goodies here! Then we went to GiGi and Poppie's house! Boston & Trey got 2 more Easter baskets here because your great grandma and GiGi made you one-- plus we had a egg hunt!!!! There were 24 eggs hidden all for Trey to find!!!! (Can't wait til there are some cousins to run around with) Thanks so much to both our families for good food, family time, & spoiling the boys!!!!!

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Jessica Stoker said...

You look way to good to have just had a baby! I love the outfits and the Easter colors. Looks like a really fun day.

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