Friday, April 2, 2010

Dying Eggs & Egg Hunt #2

Today we had a Easter egg hunt with our "Hot Mama's" play group and then went to GiGi's house to dye eggs with Aunt Shayla, Great-Grandma, and GiGi! You of course did great at the egg hunt running to get as many as you could. I believe we had around 20 toddlers show up and there were 150 eggs???? I think. You also learned quickly that the eggs were filled with jelly beans so we stopped along the way to eat every so often. Dying eggs was comical with you!!! We would give you a white egg and you would dunk it with your whole hand in the bowl of dye and immediately want another one!!!! I am so glad we did not do this on Easter because now I have 2 days to get this color off of you for Easter pics because as of right now you look like The Hulk!!!! Then after you realized the dye was not going to come off your hands you had a mini panic attack-lol-a look of panic came across your face and you you shook your hands crazy and wanted us to wipe them over and over.

Great-Grandma and Boston

Here's videos of dying eggs and realizing his hands are stained

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The Griegers said...

LOL!!! The story about him wanting the color off his hands is priceless! You are such a good mom to let him make such a mess, I dont know if I would have had the patience for that ;)

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