Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Soooooo we did not have the most ideal picture taking circumstances lol but it worked. Boston was pretty sick with croup & Trey and I had colds! Anyways you will notice the boys are wearing black pants with teal rugged patches--I MADE them (this is the tutorial)!!!!!!! I literally bought black linen fabric and sewed Trey's pants completely from scratch!!!!! (why did I want to do this I have no freaking clue lol) So when it came to doing Boston's pants I just sewed the patches on to a pair of black pants I had lol. I have had quite a few weddings the past 6 weeks so I just ran out of time and it was time consuming, but it is kind of neat knowing I made their stuff this year. Of course we had to do the bow ties 1 more time lol!!!!
My VERY handsome husband & I!

Pictures were done by Jackie Lindfors

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This post again is more for our family but if you are into decor you will enjoy too!! I wanted to record the things we do every year at Christmas with pictures. When I grew up my Mom always had a MASSIVE amount of Christmas decor, again let me say MASSIVE, anyways I LOVED it!!!! All my friends always wanted to come to our home around the holidays just to see everything. She had lots of trees, an amazing village, and just stuff everywhere lol!!! So now I have 3 trees and started a village. We have a formal tree, family kid friendly whimsical tree, and my fav the peacock frilly tree!!! I too started a village which my MIL and Mom majorly started and Mark continues to buy 1 piece a year. I do "Christmas in the City" by Dept. 56. This year we are also starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition which I am very excited about! (if you don't know what I am talking about click here) We have not named him yet but we have a list going so I will let you all know lol!
The formal tree--Formal Living/Dining room

The fun whimsical tree--Family Room--this one has colored lights too but you can't tell on here

I LOVE our whimsical stockings--they are the Krinkles line from Dept. 56--still have to get Bos his

And of course the Peacock tree (except for some reason Trey calls it my chicken tree and bocks every time he walks by it lol)--the office/craft room upstairs in balcony window

My village
*A special thanks to ALL the grandparents for helping me with the boys so this was possible lol!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Well our morning consisted of Trey and I watching the parade while Boston crawled around and played and Mark went to work. (Honeybears deep fries/smokes turkeys so he works early morning til about 1:00pm) Then we headed over to my in laws house for our big meal! My family also joined us over there which was nice--we got to see everyone in 1 stop!
watching the parade

Aunt Shanel with Boston
GiGi & boys
Our 2 boys with Mark's uncles (Kirk & Lisa) boys--they are 2nd cousins
Charlie, Max, Boston, Trey, & Ben--why do we have no girls lol--there was A LOT of rough housing, football, and cars!!!
Great Grandma & boys

Trouble!!! Trey, Charlie, & Ben

Boston with PaPa

Prayer before dinner
Poppie and Boston
Boston LOVED eating all the Thanksgiving foods with MiMi!! (Sweet potatoes were the favorite)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seriously baked the day away!

This is the 4th year in a row (minus last year cuz we were in Utah) that my sister and I have gotten together to bake pies for Thanksgiving!!! My sister's amazing mother in law is who taught us how and got us started!!! This was actually the 1st time we did not get to bake with her but did it on our own, and she taught us well because they all turned out PERFECT!!!!! We also had Alexa come bake with us too which was fun! (by the way we never would have been able to do this if my mom and grandma did not come over and do the boys so THANK YOU!!!!!) Anyways we started at about 10:30am and literally did not finish til 5:45pm--literally liked only sat for 20 minutes to eat lunch! We always bake pumpkin and apple pie, but this year my sister and I also decided to throw in some themed cupcakes! It was soooo much fun and am I am so happy that this is something we have continued doing! Now I just have to wait 2 days to eat them!
Are these not the cutest cupcakes ever lol?
carmel, pretzel sticks, & chopped pound cake as stuffing
My sis with her pumpkin--me with my apple
Alexa with her pumpkin--her 1st time baking

The lovely babysitters!
Our leaves
Making the dough
Shayla peeling away and yes 2 of my trees are up--don't judge lol!

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