About Us

Mark & I met in high school and started dating shortly after graduation. We got married April 23, 2005. God blessed us with our first baby, Mark Smith III aka-Trey, on July 29, 2008 and our 2nd son Boston Feb. 23, 2010!(Yes they are 19 months apart!!!)  I had Trey at the hospital with an epidural and I had Boston at home in my bath tub with a midwife and NOT 1 drug lol!!! (you can read about my home birth here. I'm a cleaning obsessed, stay at home mom. (I do have my own wedding & event planning company-that being said I LOVE a good themed party--I have been known to run a theme into the ground, but it was an AMAZING party lol) I stay sane by taking LOTS of walks with the boys in the NON summer months, and a nice glass of wine now and then too. I enjoy shopping, scrapbooking online, blogging, sewing, doing laundry (I'm odd), baking,attempting to cook nice meals and dinner dates with my husband. (I do believe the "perfect" Proverbs 31 woman dabbled in many things too lol) I have an unhealthy addiction to designer jeans(but so do the boys--ok Trey & Boston is my fault, but not the husbands that's his own doing) I love photo shop & also have taken up gardening lately! This blog is our family's journal that lets friends and family stay updated along the way
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