Monday, April 23, 2012

18 Week Ultrasound

So today was my 18 week scan and as far they can tell everything looked good!!!! {Thank you Lord} Both our mom's came to also see the baby in action:) The ultrasound lady said she was 80-90% sure it was a girl (she did not have and 3 or 4d capabilities so was hesitant to commit) before we told her we had a 3d scan where they said a 100% where she then said to go with that because its more accurate than the 2d. So for now we are still thinking its a girl, but since I am now switching to a midwife from a doctor she wants to do her own ultrasound next week so maybe I can get a little more confirmation before I order bedding:)

*Below she is saying HI:)
*Above she fell asleep towards the end of ultrasound with her foot up by her head
* The 3 lines which mean girl if you look closely

GiGi had these little treats waiting for after the ultra sound:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our New {Home}

The Boys on our lot!
We FINALLY bought a house or are in the middle of building one I should say!!!! I can not even express to you how happy I am to just have a timeline of when I can move in and know what the house looks like!! We are scheduled to close and get the keys for August 23 which puts us about 1 month before the baby is due or 1 week if she is like her brothers and comes 3 weeks early:) Of course this whole time we never looked at new builds because I swore I didn't want to build again lol I wanted to move into a established neighborhood so never say never I suppose. Anyways I am so excited to go to the design center which we do this week, and to watch our house we built up from dirt--the boys will love that!!! Did I mention that we got to pick the colors for the outside of the house today and my door will be RED--Love that!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

The morning started out with the boys looking for their Easter baskets from the BUNNY--now keep in mind we are in a apartment while we wait for our house so this was tricky to really hide them lol--luckily they are still easily amused!! *You will notice the boys are in jeans--this was not the original plan but baby girl had other plans for me that morning with morning sickness which took a little long, and of course 1 of the boys linen pants came up missing after I was done, but then I didn't have time/energy to find them lol so Easter Sunday they wore jeans!! Of course we then went to church followed by lunch at GiGi's then lunch with The Smith's. After lunch MiMi put together a spectacular egg hunt for the kids which was fun (except the 5 minutes where I lost my temper with the 3 amigos Uncle Reggie, Uncle Ken, & my husband--I usually let them do whatever to the boys, but when you put wet poop in one of the eggs lol I lose my cool--that or it was pregnancy hormones lol either way I think I shocked them:) There was so much GOOD food I was sure I gained quite a bit of weight for my 4 month doctor app. the next morning lol--which by the way everything went good at--good strong heartbeat!! 2 weeks from now I have my 18 week ultrasound where they measure all the organs, bones, ect. and will reconfirm the sex even though they said they were 100% sure last time lol I am having a hard time believing that it is really a girl lol--I think because boy parts are so obvious and that is all I have ever seen so now when I look at the pictures I am just like what if something grows out :) After that appointment though is when the gloves will come off and the buying/crafting will begin:) I have to be ready a little earlier in case I go on bed rest like the other 2.
The bunny hid them in the tub this year

LOVE my {boys}

My Mom's lunch set up
Baskets from GiGi & Poppie
The Smith's lunch set up:)
I am surrounded by Martha Stewarts lol

2nd Cousins
Baskets from Great Grandma

Pre-poop incident:)
Baskets from MiMi & PaPa

<span class=

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coloring eggs

This year we went to MiMi & PaPa's house to color eggs (good thing too because I was not doing this in the apt. lol) MiMi went all out having 4 dozen eggs boiled and ready to be colored with various techniques. The boys did great, but didn't quite last thru all 4 dozen:) Then the best part of the night--MiMi gave the boys a bath so I didn't have too lol!!

Malaysia's 1st time dying eggs:)

These cupcake pan eggs turned out AWESOME!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt with church friends

We did our annual Easter egg hunt with our church today at the park. The boys did good at collecting their eggs & eating their candy!


These were my last minute treats to bring--good thing kids are easy to please:)
Checking out their loot
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