Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Pj's--Now & Then...

I could not help myself yesterday when I saw that Walmart's Halloween PJ's ($7.00 each people)were almost sold out--of course I had to get Trey & Boston's sizes!! So that night of course Trey wanted to wear them so I decided to get their pictures in them just like we did last year... Things have been SO INCREDIBLY hectic around here that it felt good to just play around with candy corn:) Wedding season is here which means non-stop all day I get calls and emails plus I have a wedding every weekend til Thanksgiving, and on top of that we are in a "transition phase" with buying a house--meaning it did not work out for us to find a house and go from our home to that one so we are staying with family! {Did I mention that neither Mark or I has ever moved back in with someone since we both left the house 10 years ago after high school} Let me say that I fully acknowledge that God is teaching me a lesson here--that lesson being--I am not in control--that being said my normal organization freakish scheduled behavior is out the window for the time being... so it kind of puts me in a tid bit of a stressed out mood lol. Plus I am super annoyed that this all had to go down right before the holidays--you all know how I like to decorate for the holidays and now EVERYTHING we own besides clothes and toys is in a pod storage thing, and I just WANT some Halloween decor out--but there is always a plus side and that would be how much money we get to save in the mean time so I won't complain too much:) Plus I am pretty sure of all the problems out there this is pretty insignificant so I will just be thankful for our health, and be excited to be in our new home for the holidays next year!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Love these Then & Now pictures:)

Halloween 2010


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iowa Day 3

On our last day we made all the same rounds to say good bye with an additional stop at Mark's Great-Aunt's house so the boys (Great Great Aunt) which was probably the funniest thing I've experienced in awhile lol--she has some sort of memory issue, but was the sweetest lady:) She introduced herself to me 3 times in 15 minutes and thought I was my father in laws wife--not sure how that works when she knew (my Mark) was his son lol, but we played along because there was sense making her more confused lol. She even proceeded to ask (my Mark) if he had a girlfriend lol I was dying because I wanted to be like "yes I am right here" but Mark just said that he did:)
Another funny thing that made me laugh was Mark's Grandma was obsessed with my Pony Tail--everyone knows I like bigger hair well she LOVED "my bump" in the front and asked if I would show her her how to do it to her hair:) *That story was for my friends that always ask how I get "my bump" lol
We were sent off with yet another HUGE meal from Mark's Grandma (when I say huge I mean like she put 4 dinner rolls just on my plate alone lol)& the boys played outside to wear off some energy before we had to fly... The weather was so nice--the high today was 51!!!!
So sweatshirts and Starbucks were a must:) I have to say that the good byes with Mark's Grandpa were the hardest to watch since his Grandpa was so emotional--I think h liked the chaos they brought to his room:) We already went and printed the 4 Generation picture and put it on his bed stand so at least he has that to look at too!
On the front porch at Mark's Grandmas house

Trey with Aven which I think is his 3rd cousin?

All the cousins in my boys age range were BOYS:)
Saying goodbye to Great Grandpa

More goodbyes...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iowa Day 2

This whole 2 hour time difference thing is hard to get used to right away--our hotel had breakfast til 9 well we got up at 7 so that was 9 here so we missed that lol--so after grabbing some food we went over to Mark's Grandma's house and Trey made himself right at home like he has been going there his whole life:) We did some more visiting then headed to the nursing home where Mark's Grandpa has been staying. (honestly I am going to start praying daily I never have to go to one of those!!) Anyways his Grandpa was VERY excited to see everyone and to learn that he was going to be moved to an assisted living home rather a nursing home. It was so neat to see that he still had part of our wedding invitation up in his room. After spending a good 1.5 hours there we got him checked out and went back to Mark's Grandma's for a HUGE lunch:) This is when I MADE the SMITH boys pose for me for LOTS of pictures-and finally I got one of ALL of them looking!

Great Aunt Caroline
Great Aunt Sherry

I LOVE this picture of him watching Trey
Outside the nursing home

The PERFECT 4 generation picture!

Aunt Sherry with me--she used to live in AZ and I always LOVED her!
My father in law learning to can home made relish (here they call it chow chow) And my friends who can you should have seen these jars they were amazing and I bet older than me:)
Sitting on Great Grandma's porch

So Trey is OBSESSED with train tracks whenever we are driving he wants to find some--well PaPa is a sucker and drove to some multiple times a day and even pulled over and let Trey play on them--clearly he is way more fun than Mark or I lol

Milk break--and yes I know I need to ween the bottle so no comments:)

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