Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Malaysia!

This post is a little late because Malaysia (my sister in law's baby) is already going to be 5 weeks tomorrow, but since she was so tiny at birth the boys could not be around her right away... Today I got to babysit her for a couple hours and Trey was in heaven!!!! He is obsessed with her--asking to hold or feed her every 5 minutes! He is actually very sweet and gentle with her and I LOVE watching him! Boston on the other hand--I don't even let him by her yet lol--she needs to put a few pounds on first! Anyways it was really weird to have a baby in the house--when Trey was Boston's age right now I was 3 weeks away from giving birth--I have no clue how I did that with a 19 month old lol! Even though I got NOTHING done around the house because I held her the ENTIRE time I loved it and had so much fun!
Meeting her for the 1st time after she was born...

Such a good cousin--he actually sat and fed her half the bottle:)

You have to listen closely but in one video he is saying "I love you" and in the other "its ok" lol

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Presley's Birthday Party!

I know I have totally been slacking on the blogging lately, but wedding season is here and is taking up all my free time lol! Anyways I had a wedding EARLY this morning (9am ceremony so a VERY freaking early set up lol) and then after that it was off to Presley's birthday party which was BEYOND ADORABLE--I love having creative friends lol!!!! It was a ice cream theme and everything was so cute & frilly & pink!!!
My bestest friend!
Mark fulfilling his token "black guy" quota lol--I'm pretty sure this pic will be framed in the house
All the yummy desserts!

Presley modeling her new fur coat from my mom lol since my mom has no other little girls to buy for it had to be extra girly!
Bubba with his Pree
Miss Presley Kate--look at her necklace!!

*Side note I have had like 50 people ask where Trey's birthday party pics are--they are coming but there is a magazine that is looking to publish the party in our city and I am waiting on the final rules ect. on when I can release them:)

School Update...

Pre-School so far has gone AWESOME!! Still no tears and I absolutely LOVE that I get random pictures from his teacher of him at school!!! He is still pretty quiet at school but this past Thursday did start talking more Miss Stacey said. (He has been 4 times now) I still think it is the cutest thing ever when I see him walk away form the car with his little back pack on--ok I possibly still want to cry too:)
Fine motor skills--hammering
"Spooning" the marbles and counting
The 5 senses


Monday, August 15, 2011

Boston's gym class

Today Boston went to a gym class for the 1st time and he had a great time--it's so funny to think back to when Trey and I went to this same class and how opposite they are. Boston is more clingy to me and does not wander too far off which is actually nice compared to chasing Trey all over the gym lol. The pics are not very good because Boston was moving so much and they were done with my phone but at least he will know what he was doing in his toddler years:)

Boston LOVED the jumping part!
Boston's friend Rylie is in the class too--love her mini leotard!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

So the day came for Trey to start preschool... He was so excited to go back and see Miss Stasty as he calls her and to wear his new back pack. I was excited and sad all at the same time lol. It was so weird to not get out of the car and even walk him in(she comes out and meets you at your car) and to see him walk inside without me, and then to look in my backseat and only see 1 face and head home. This is going to take some getting used to! I didn't cry, but my eyes sure did well up, but I contained myself lol. The report after school was that he was QUIET lol, but he listened very well--he also likes to "wander" lol, but there were no tears the whole day!! Of course I had to send a little treat for him and his new 4 classmates so I made the cutest chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and made them into crayons!

Getting ready to walk in
How cool is it that she took some pics during the day and emailed the parents???
Trey S. & Trey C. lol
Coming out...
Boston was thrilled to get him back in the car:)
Back to school treats
Presley goes to the same school but the class after so we snagged a picture in between my pick up and her drop off!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School Treat

Here are the directions for the "pretzel crayons"...

Here is the link for crayon wrappers...

Here is the link for free tags I tied on...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sleep Over...

Kristin & Preston had a free resort stay and dinner at Ruth Chris for Preston's work so we took Presley for the night... They don't have a ton of family here and how could they pass that offer up??? We have never had anyone spend the night and Presley had never spent the night other that her NaNa's so I was a little nervous, but all the kids went down GREAT--and other than my kids sleep in and she does not lol all went well!!!
Winding down after baths
Getting ready to read "The Very Quiet Cricket"
and knocked out:)--pretty sure this whole sleeping together thing won't last much longer but for now I LOVE the innocence!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trey's Preschool Open House!

Yes my baby boy is starting preschool next week--now as sad as this makes me I absolutely LOVE his teacher!! She is like Snow White--she has the sweetest temperament & softest voice with a southern accent (not that snow white has a southern accent:) and I just LOVE her so I don't mind sharing him with her! He will only go Tues. Thurs. for 2 1/2 hours this year so it is the perfect amount to get him socializing and learning. It is Montessori based and the class sizes are only 5 so there is a lot of 1 on 1!!!! Yes I am in love with it ok--plus he has been on the waiting list for almost 2 years lol! Anyways we got to go meet the 4 other kids and their parents today and show Trey the class room ect. Now lets see if I contain myself next Tuesday when I drop him off...
*Oh and did I mention that she is so popular there is already a wait list for Boston's class for Fall 2013 so we put him on it!

Miss Stacey showing them their class frog lol
Trey LOVED it there--he cried when we left so hopefully he will be great next week!
Of course MiMi & GiGi came to meet her too--especially since I am sure they will have to pick him up sometimes with my weddings

Boston trying out the reading corner

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