Thursday, June 28, 2012


This year was Trey's 1st year doing VBS at our church. It was Monday-Thursday for 2 hours each day. The theme was Babylon and learning about Daniel. Trey seemed to have an AMAZING time! Presley even joined him this week too which was even better!! They got special T-shirts that Trey HAD to sleep in the 1st night so of course I had to wash in the morning so he could wear it to church the next night X3! 
 1st Day right after checking in--They were assigned to the Zebulun Tribe!
 Wearing his new shirt
 Knocked out on the way home--8:00 is a little late for us lol
 Their Tribe Leader
 Trey from behind singing and dancing--<3 this video!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Update!

So the plumbing is done, the foundation is poured, and the wood frame was started yesterday for the new house! We went by to see how the progress is coming, which the boys LOVE to do!!! They can not wait to move into it, and talk about it all the time--so God willing it all works out and we will be in by mid August!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trey started Karate!

Mark's dad has been going to karate for I don't know how long, but forever!!! He has been planning to take Trey now for a little bit so I am sure Trey is never going to let him stop now:) Hopefully we will be able to get the discipline of only doing this with PaPa at karate and not to Boston lol--we will see. I love exposing them to EVERYTHING out there, and watching them experience it--not too long til Boston can join him!!So glad Trey gets this time with PaPa!!!

LOVE this bowing picture lol!

Love his serious look!

The Hub's Birthday!

 Boston and Daddy on the lazy river
 And Trey's turn...
Before we left for our dinner at Modern Steak--HIGHLY RECOMMEND-it was amazing!
 Dropping the boys off at MiMi & PaPa's
 Of course I had to tell them it was Mark's birthday:)

Reggie singing Mark his own song

You'd think it was Trey's birthday lol

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