Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playing in the Rain

Randomly a major thunder storm rolled in this afternoon, and I could tell Trey's little wheels were turning and he was itching to go out in it--soooooo I opened the door and sure enough he ran out. He has never played or even really been out in the rain like this so it was funny. I got the cutest videos of him too where you can hear the rain and the thunder, but his diaper was off at that point so I suppose I can not put them on the blog. And then the storm was gone just as fast as it had come.

Monday, August 23, 2010

6 months

How are you half a year???? I better start brainstorming for your party lol j/k well not really.
-You are getting up on all 4's and rocking already like you are going to take off any day
-You normally sleep 10 hours straight at night and you love having a bed time (which is 7:45ish) and I love that you love having a bed time!!!! Your bro did not but he has been doing so much better too with our new schedule!!!!
-You love love love when people talk to you but only 1 on 1--your not so much a big group person
-You eat like a champ--favorite at the moment would be sweet potatoes
-You love watching Trey--in fact there are times when I have him come play in front of you and you just stare and smile
-You have started to reach for me--my favorite!!!
-You are my spit-up baby still--not my favorite
-Weight 15 lbs 4oz Height 25 3/4in

*I realize the pics are not great lol but I am not a photographer, and he doesn't get pics again til 8 months, and yes I realize that's a weird age but that's when our Christmas pics are and I am being cheap at the moment ha!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to treat a lady?

Well of course you take them for a drive at sunset...
I'm not sure it gets any cuter than this...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Craft

So randomly 2 nights ago when I was thinking about when it was appropriate for me to put my fall decor out and not look like I was overly anxious, I got this crazy idea to give these pumkins that I have had for 6 years some PIZAZZ!!!! And what do you know I had all the supplies on hand and they turned out so CUTE!!!! Who does not love a leopard pumpkin? There also will be a 3rd pumpkin with them but I will leave it orange and print a big vinyl S on it for Smith! Now I just have to wait to put them out!!!

What you need:
tissue paper
mod podge

-1st I washed my pumpkins because they have been in the garage
-Then I cut my tissue in squares
-Then I painted the mod podge in sections on to the pumkins
-Whatever section I just put the mod podge that is where I put the squares
-After the pumpkin is covered in your tissue then mod podge over the whole thing to give it a little sheen
-Then I put mod podge over the stem and dipped the stem in glitter
*Sorry no pics of the steps I didn't know 1 it would turn out so good lol and 2 so many people would be interested


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today we went to Coronado for the afternoon!!! I LOVE it there--I remember staying at The Del when I was little and its always so pretty there!!! We went and ate at Miguel's which is a huge favorite of my family's and then went and walked and sat at The Del.

My little model lol

*Don't let the pictures fool you though--Trey may look like he has been an angel but he is for sure giving me a run for my money--the terrible 2's have set in--lol!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sooooo today Arie flew out to have a day of vacation with us!!!! (We are staying at his parent's beach house--which was sooooo nice of them!!!!!!!) I personally was very happy he came because I wanted to go sailing lol--which he so graciously took me! We tried to get Mark to fly out with Arie, but Mark has a small plane fear ever since the one we took in Tahiti so he opted out:( When we went to pick Arie up from the airport he let Trey get in the plane and look around. Then we all went down to the water to sail and play.
Sitting in Uncle Arie's plane

Pretending to fly

Ready to go!
On the boat
Trey did really good on the boat just sitting and watching the water

Capt. Trey
Shayla & Arie
Naps on the beach

This jelly fish came up all the way to the shore!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Diego Again!!!!!

My Mom, Sister, & I decided to take a little girls trip (well and the 2 littles) to the beach!!!! Soooo nice to get out of the heat again and relax & play!!! The car ride was not fabulous this time for Trey (due to a rough night prior w/ peeing thru his diaper at 3am & a early departure) but Boston was good. As soon as we got here we went down to the bay to play!!!!
With Aunt Shayla
1st steps into the water-had to get used to it again

We dug at the shore and found some of these weird crawdad looking things
Trey all "Hollywood"
Boston trying out the beach chair

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A visit to the fire station...

It seems as though ALL Trey's friends were born in June-August so we have a party to go to a lot of weekends in the summer months! This past weekend we had Daniel's party and it was at the fire station! The kids loved it and got to learn a few things too!
I love this picture of all the kids!
Trey with his hat from the firemen
Exploring the fire truck
Trey with Audrey
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