Monday, April 5, 2010

Swim lessons with Daddy!

New aviator sunglasses
Finally found flip flops for your chunky feet
Trey started swim lessons again except this time its way more skill teaching--his other classes were more getting used to water. This time DADDY is getting in!!!! I cant publicly get in the pool yet lol! Anyways I think Trey did pretty well--no screaming when he would get dunked just if they took him too far from Mark lol. The pics are not amazing cuz I watched thru a window but you get the point.
With Coach Kasey
Practicing being on his back


The Juarez Family said...

I'll have to go in and take some photos for you! :)

Miss M! said...

Where did you find flip flops for chunky feet? I have a chunky footed boy myself! :)

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