Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

Well we didn't have a huge BBQ or anything but late this afternoon we did take a little family dip in our pool--it was PERFECT!!! Trey is fearless in the water but it was so fun to hang out and play with him. He has been pretty good this week and has gone back to his normal PRE-BOSTON sleeping schedule for the most part which is nice--that only took 3 months lol. After we went swimming we went out to dinner with Mark's sister and her other half which also was nice and relaxing!
Trey loves American flags
Trey drinking from the drip system
Boston sitting poolside
Even though Trey has a fro and I have no make-up on I love this picture!!!
Trey has been so sweet this week!!! I LOVED swimming with him!
Jumping to Daddy

Loves holding his juice box all by himself


Maybe I am domestic!

So apparently I have a green thumb... When Mark and I started our garden we honestly didn't know how it would go or if any of our plants would even sprout anything. So because of this I guess I over planted lol. Technically I didn't know I over planted because honestly I didn't do the research lol. So far EVERY single plant we have planted has lived and now they are huge and taking each other over! The basil is out of control and we have cucumbers growing out of our ears lol, and don't get me started on the tomatoes. Anyways its really neat to see it all growing and we are so excited to just go in the yard when we are cooking and pick what we need!

We have a TON of cucumbers coming in
Look close there are 3 bell peppers in this pic
Some tomatoes
Little strawberries

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1-2-3 Months

I love how when you smile your eyes smile too!

So lets see here...
At 3 months Boston you are pretty much an awesome sleeper giving me 5-8 hour stretches a night. I put you in your crib at 11 weeks and you did awesome for 1 week, but then you got your 1st cold so I brought you back into the bassinet to sleep just so I could check on you 100 times a night cuz I am a worrier!!!! I seriously am in awe sometimes at how happy you are. You rarely cry. You don't even care if I have to put saline drops in your nose and then use the aspirator! You just sit there and smile at me while I do it!?!? At that moment I knew I was a very lucky mama. You fit in your 0-3 month clothes but also can wear 3-6 months. You have the biggest smile that melts your heart and occasionally let loose this laugh that comes straight from the belly. You and your brother don't have much interaction yet but I catch you watching him intently which makes me so excited to see you guys play together. You also have the eye contact thing take your huge brown eyes and just stare and stare at people. You love to coo and goo alot and do little squeals. You love a warm bath and could stay in it all day. I already see the tiny infant stage melting away as you stay awake longer and interact more--it's sad and happy all at the same time!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Peachy

Today Trey, my mom, grandma, Boston, and I loaded up and headed to Schnepf Farms to pick our NO pesticide fresh peaches right from the tree!!! It was so fun you take a hay ride out to the peach orchard, grab your box and pick away! I'm so thankful my mom and grandma joined me cuz this would have been tricky with the 2 boys, no stroller, and a box of our peaches! Trey had a blast running in and out of the trees and eating the peaches while he picked and threw half of them thinking they were balls but whatever he had fun. I love that it is already teaching him where some of his food comes from.
*Of course I had to edit a couple...

On the hay ride out to the orchard

How pretty is that?
Picking away
Into our box

GiGi and TreyExploring...
Really YUMMY!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Wake Up

So this is how we usually have to wake Trey up 90% of the time! We usually start at 7:45 or 8 so he is up by 8:20 because it takes awhile to get him going. If we did not wake him up he would love to sleep til 10 which sounds nice but then that means nap time is at 3 which then means bedtime is at 11 which is a no go! He is literally like a teenager--the video is not even of our 1st attempt...


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boston after his bath

Here is my PERFECT baby after he just got out of the bath...12 weeks old now!
the original picture
My 1st edited one in a vintage look w/ photoshop

*So recently I got photoshop (and am madly in LOVE with it borderline obsessed and I dont even know what I am doing yet) I had my 1st class this week and can not wait to go again next week!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BBQ Fun!

I LOVE matching outfits!!!! Are they not so CUTE?So last night we went over to a friends house for a BBQ-there were 3 other couples who each had 2 girls each all 3 and under-PURE CHAOS, but so fun!!! The kids played a ton, ate dinner, and then BATHED!!!! This was funny considering Trey was the only boy. The 3 girls went in first and then Trey--I believe Jaclyn said it best "ummm excuse me what is that thing you have there" was the look that appeared on their 3 little faces. But its so worth it while they are this little so you can just put them right in their bed when you get home! Thanks Locke Family for a great dinner!!!
Trey, Lauren, Audrey, & Tatum
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