Friday, May 25, 2012

Trey's last day of Preschool

Trey sharing the love during a lesson:)
 Today was Trey's last day of school--to celebrate they had a Hungry Hungry Caterpillar party, and got to wear their pajamas to school. Everyone was assigned different foods from the book for them to munch on and they did a caterpillar craft. I am not sure Trey understands that he has a 10 week break before he sees Mrs. Stacey again, but I am sure in the next couple weeks it will set in.We are going to miss seeing Mrs. Stacey this summer for sure!!!!
 The last picture of this class:(

 Hungry Hungry Caterpillar snacks
Boston as he eagerly waits for Trey to get out
Trey and Mrs. Stacey

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cousins to be...

*Note to self its unsafe to stop by mother in laws house with no make up because she may take pictures:)
My sister in law is about 16 weeks here and my belly is 23
Yes I did have to go on the 1st step to get my belly even with hers--lol I am way shorter than her!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Surprise Dinner

Hallie already had left when we thought to take a picture
I am still in shock from the {sweet} dinner some of my close friends from high school, and Kristin of course put together last night to celebrate all things PINK and GIRLY! I thought I was meeting 2 friends for dinner just to catch up, and when I got to the table there were 6 waiting, which kind of threw me, and I really did not even get it at first lol, but once I realized what was going on I just could not believe they had done this--it almost made me want to tear up lol, but if you know me you know I am not a crier so I contained myself:) Burp cloths, a blanket, a shirt, bows, diamond ring rattles and the CUTEST dress ever all were in the pretty gift bags that sat at the table. I am still in shock at how lucky I am to have such good friends from high school, and am so happy I have these few pics(we did awful at taking pics) to put in her baby book under the Baby Shower/Celebrations tab, which by the way I don't think they should include in all baby books because do you really have a shower with every kid lol??
So this dress is 1 strap and has the BIGGEST bow ever--which I LOVE!!!
*If you want to see their dresses check them out HERE

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last Game of the Season

Today was Trey's last soccer game of the season for the Revolution, and he went out with a BANG:) He had 2 goals and I even caught one on video!!! He asks if he has soccer about 50X every day so I have not had the heart to tell him this was the last game--I think we are even going to sign him up for indoor this summer since he LOVES it so much!!
The Team
Great Grandma & GiGi 
MaMa & Trey


Thursday, May 3, 2012

19 weeks 5 days

Since I officially switched from my doctor to a midwife--the midwife wanted her own ultrasound done, and I of course was not opposed. I couldn't wait to hear what this tech thought the baby was--I still have not ordered the bedding in fear that somewhere along the way a little surprise between the legs would appear lol. This tech confirmed that she too thought the baby was a GIRL within 10 seconds of turning the machine on so I suppose I will order the bedding now since that is about all I can really do anyway as I sit and wait for our new house to be built.  If the house actually finishes on time it will be done when I am 35 weeks pregnant lol so the odds of me getting to get my house or even just the nursery in order is slim to none. I did order my diaper bag though, which I was very excited about...
Well here is my favorite picture from Baby #3 who is still nameless lol... She seems to always be in a very weird bent shape lol
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