Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Bro Lil Bro

I have to say a HUGE thank you to my friend Sara who gave the boys these shirts that she MADE!!! I love them and think they are so cute!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Picture from the farm with MiMi and PaPa @ 21 months*

Some things you are doing now...
-You are currently in swim and gym classes--you LOVE them
-Your new favorite show is Gullah Gullah Island and Imagination Movers, and Yo Gabba Gabba scares you to death now (for some reason ever since Jack Black was on and did a scary face you cry even if you just hear the theme song)
-When someone sneezes you mimic them and think its hilarious
-Your sleeping at nights has not gone back to normal yet since Boston
-You love going outside and watering the garden
-I can not stress how much you LOVE Uncle Shaw-its crazy!!!!
-Because of Shaw you are now VERY interested in lacrosse--probably your 2nd favorite to basketball
-You currently think the football player on the cover of the Madden game case is Shaw and even took the case to bed with you-if I ask you who is this you say Uncle Shaw
-You are OBSESSED with basketball and constantly say "shoot shoot ball" and your "shoot" sounds like another word which is a little embarrassing in public
-You have a weird fascination with belly buttons and will randomly try and lift peoples shirts up to see theirs (stranger or family)

Here's a resent embarrassing/funny story :
While eating breakfast at The Good Egg you were sitting in your high chair and a waitress came to take the table next to us' order--well lets just say her back side was VERY large and before I could stop you from doing what I knew you were going to do as soon as I saw you stick your pointer finger out you stuck your finger so far into her butt and then laughed-luckily she ignored it so we didn't have an akward moment face to face--I just avoided eye contact the rest of our meal.
I can't believe we only have 3 months to go and we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Boston your 2 Months!

Well baby boy you have definitely carved your spot in my heart--its like I have loved you forever! Here is whats happened in the last month...
-Started smiling-my favorite!!!
-You are now in size 1 diapers
-You have the SMELLIEST gas ever (like worse than anything Trey has ever done--you could give a grown man a run for his money)
-You have slept 5 hours straight for me quite a few times and even give me random nights of 7 hours which is AMAZING!!!
-You love your binky and I love that you love it!
-You love the car which is so much more peaceful than your brother
-So far I am doing good at laying you down awake and you fall asleep on your own--now I just need to stick to it
-You are doing really good at drinking pumped bottles which is nice
-You love being on your tummy
You seem to overall be pretty layed back and we LOVE you so much!!! Happy 2 months!
*11 lbs 1 oz 22 in


Mark and I have been married for 5 years today--crazy!!! The 1st 3 years we always took a big trip over our anniversary and it was heavenly, but the last 2 we would have had a 8 month or 2 month old and I was nursing so we have just done a date plus with the economy not being great it wasn't a big deal, however we ARE going somewhere next April because I won't be nursing anymore and better NOT be pregnant-lol! (So even though I have not asked yet I am almost positive GiGi and MiMi wont mind babysitting for a couple days each) Anyways tonight we went out to dinner at D'Vine (we love it there) and to the casino lol dont ask!

*Trey & Boston when you do come back and read this I do hope you have learned how to treat your wives on a holiday because it is something your Dad ALWAYS did even if I told him not to so we could just save money (I can be cheap-I'm sure this is shocking to many of you but I can lol) he always had flowers or some extremely thoughtful gift!!! (he must have learned this from having 5 sisters around)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go Trey

So I probably tell Trey 30 times a day not to scream and we dont allow him to climb on furniture but when Reggie and Ken come around there are NO rules and he LOVES it! Mark's sisters and their significant other's give Trey their undivided attention 100% of the time and he just eats it up!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A glimpse of swim lessons

Trey going under water!

Water Day!

Trey and Easton with the bubbles
All the kiddos with the bubbles
Kendra with the kids--she has to be one of the most patient people I know (I guess thats why God blessed her with twins)!!
Trey is the sippy cup bandit--not my favorite thing cuz I am a germ phobe
Trey and Izz having a moment
Today we got together with our church playgroup and played with everything water. 2 water tables, the hose, sprinklers, and bubble machine with 8 toddlers and 2 newborns=Total Chaos! Even though its crazy it is still so fun to get together--I love these girls!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

The bubble machine!!!!
I didnt know pictures would be taken during the jam making so I have no makeup on lol

The finished product--hopefully it worked otherwise I will have to try again lol
A little basketball with the boys
Trey learning how to blow candles out--only 3 more months to get the hang of it!

Saturday we had a little BBQ to celebrate my moms birthday-It was a SUPER busy evening!!! We did Trey's new bubble machine, ate dinner, my Grandma and I made homemade strawberry jam, and we did cake! Trey of course was in heaven because Shaw and Shane were there! Trey is 100% obsessed with my brother Shaw-lately he has been carrying around a Madden Playstation game case saying Shaw because he thinks any football player is him. Then the next day we went to church and Trey had a BIG day--he said Jesus for the 1st time (sounds like Geesusus) and stayed in the nursery the whole service!!! This is something he used to do but since Boston was born its a full blown bloody murder scream up to the nursery door and he did scream for 20 minutes today but then quit and played, so I didn't have the dreaded # pop up on the screen in front of church with my kids number! Then I got to go out to lunch with a friend for my birthday at The Living Room which was super good--so it was a good day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Garden!!!

So as I said earlier Mark got me all the stuff to start a garden for my birthday so here are some pictures of us getting it ready!! I am so excited to see what we can grow and to have some veggies and herbs right in our backyard! I also think Trey will love to help do this--what boy doesn't love dirt? Also by the time fall comes hopefully the veggies we grow from seeds will be ready and perfected for when I puree Bostons baby food. Right now we have Dill, Mint, & Basil for herbs--red & yellow bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, & watermelon!
The boys getting doing the hard work

Herbs on the left veggies on the right
The veggies

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing with Brayden!

Today Brayden came over to play and you 2 were hysterical together!! It is so fun to see you 2 together because you guys are literally 1 week apart and now he has a little brother that will be here VERY soon!!! So Trey can not ever not have his shorts off or off comes the diaper (he even sometimes decides to take both off) so when we wanted them to play with the water table this it what happened...
2 Very cute tooshies!!!!
Thankyou GiGi for this water table this gives hours of entertainment!!!!
Caught in the act of mischief

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Birthday!

This year for my birthday I went out to lunch at The Farm with my Mom, Sister, Grandma, & of course the little boys! I absolutely LOVED this place. It was so nice out--I am sad to see the 100 degree weather come! Then that night Mark took me to Roka Akor and it was amazing. If you are a foody you should go there it is the 1st and only one in the United States!!! Mark got me the sweetest gift ever (it might sound odd to many of you) but for awhile now I have been saying I want to start a garden so he made me a basket full of everything I need to start one and even bought the wood to build me the planters for it!!! I am so excited to do this so Sara and Jaclyn I know you have one I need your help-lol!!!!! So thankyou sooooo much Mark for paying attention to the little things!

Playing in the Pecan Tree field at The Farm

Monday, April 5, 2010

Swim lessons with Daddy!

New aviator sunglasses
Finally found flip flops for your chunky feet
Trey started swim lessons again except this time its way more skill teaching--his other classes were more getting used to water. This time DADDY is getting in!!!! I cant publicly get in the pool yet lol! Anyways I think Trey did pretty well--no screaming when he would get dunked just if they took him too far from Mark lol. The pics are not amazing cuz I watched thru a window but you get the point.
With Coach Kasey
Practicing being on his back
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