Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gingerbread House Decorating

My goofballs prior to decorating the house
Trey did really well having a steady hand and placing candies this year
Helping me ice the roof

Boston did part of the roof too but he only did like 3 candies and kept bolting around and stealing candy and eating it lol

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Decorating the fun family Tree

I am in LOVE with this picture Mark took of Lola smiling while we decorate:)

Lola LOVES her elf girl GiGi got her!!!

*Don't look at our white walls lol--need to pick some colors out and PAINT hopefully by next Christmas our house feels like our HOME again!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


 GiGi with her 2 grand-daughters
 Lola's bow shot
 4 Generations
 Uncle Shaw with his nieces
 Melt my heart I love my chunka in her romper lol

 So blessed to have these 3!
This line was behind us outside... We made it in the first 200 in the store--we each had a cart and an ad with notes on it lol--we were back in the car and had the boys picked up by 9:45--so not bad at all!!
Thanksgiving was a pretty nice day--Mark started the day off at work (I actually hate that he has never spent a Thanksgiving morning with the kids and I and he never has had my pumpkin pancakes or watched the parade with us lol) after I got the kids all ready we headed to my Mom's. We had our 1st dinner there at 1:00 then we decorated my family tree at my Mom's. Then we had to be at our 2nd dinner at 3:45 for The Smith side. (Yes we were stuffed) Then we left the boys there to watch Christmas movies while we headed to get in line at Toys R Us for Black Friday:) Lola did awesome in the Moby and slept the whole time, and we made out like bandits saving TONS!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boston's rendition of the alphabet

Boston has been singing his ABC's lately and I finally caught on video--I think its the cutest thing ever:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trey's Adenoidectomy

Today was your surgery, and I can not tell you how bad I was dreading this!!!! I played it out in my head over and over every day just waiting for it to be over! I even had your anesthesiologist's underwear in a tangle lol--he even had the nerve to pull Daddy out of our "room" to tell him I was being demanding and making the situation harder lol. My requests were simple I promise lol, but your my baby and I just wanted things done my way lol!!! As you will see in the pictures your not in a gown--that was your Momma--the gown scared you and you wanted your Spider Man jammies so I politely said I wasn't putting it on you and if they wanted it on they could do it after you were asleep--they never changed you:) You also refused to take off both slippers lol.  See how we were there when you were waking up--again my requests were simple!!! Our 1st nurse wasn't awful but she wasn't comforting you so I found you a better one--one with a 4 year old and who could relate--she actually carried you to your surgery so you didn't have to be wheeled away. Even though I was crying my eyes out when you left I had to smile as I watched Mr. Tightwad (anesthesiologist) follow behind you carrying bot 1 but 2 of your stuffed animals under his arms lol. Your surgery went awesome, and our AMAZING doctor said he had never seen adenoids so big before on a 4 year old--he described them as corks blocking your nostrils. After all the healing you are going to breathe sooooo much better and probably have a little bit of a different voice.  The 1st time you actually got with it when they were waking you up you hopped right over the bar on your bed and into my arms--needless to say that is where you stayed until we got to walk out of there!!! Then as you were still barely coherent and we were walking to the car you asked when you would be getting your new train we promised you right before they took you away lol. You have been the BEST patient ever--you literally NEVER once complained about being in pain and were eating normal foods the same day!!!

This was when they were waking you up after surgery
Showing Mommy & Daddy your IV
 Going in and out while you was waking up

You got offered an otter pop right away
As you can tell from Mommy's face you were kicking and saying you wanted to go home and wouldn't sit still and you really wanted this off your toe
GiGi was waiting for you in the waiting room
Aunt Shanel brought you your favorite Red Velvet cupcake, and you ATE IT, but you still looked really out of it...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2 months Old

T-W-O????? I seriously don't know where the time went! Sometimes I wake up and still can not believe I have a daughter!! I think about when you can come to some weddings with me, and we can have spa days, and do our nails, go to the Princess section at Disneyland lol--the possibilities are endless lol!!!! And to think I thought I wanted to be the only girl lol I am sure the bank account is thinking otherwise though lol.
Here is what you have been up to:
-Your pretty much moved into all 0-3 months clothing even though I try and smoosh you into newborn sizing because it makes me sad I will never have a newborn again lol
-You have started sleeping 7 hours at night time
-You LOVE sitting in the bumbo chair
-You love the swing, but definitely like being held by a person lol
-You have the chubbiest cheeks that I just want to squeeze--they also jiggle really funny when your in the shopping cart and we roll over bumps lol
-People stop us everywhere we go to see your cute chubby cheeks
-You still love the scrunched fetal position
-You love being on your stomach  (no crazy people who read this I don't let her sleep on it)
-You went to your 1st boutique, and got asked to model some product--Daddy's wallet will appreciate this lol since Mommy LOVES putting you in accessories
-You will drink from a bottle no problem so far when need be
-So far whenever you are babysat you have convinced them all to NEVER put you down the whole time I am gone--the last time I picked you up Aunt Sabriya even had you in a sling lol
-You sleep 90% of the time whenever we are in the car except if we stop too long lol
-You gained 5 pounds in the last 8 weeks lol--the doctor said I must be producing heavy cream

This was after your shots--I have never heard you scream so loud!! You left that lip out for 15 minutes and wimpered--break my heart!!!
WEIGHT: 11lbs 11oz (58%)  HEIGHT 21.5 inches (10%)

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