Remembering the FUNNY things you do & say:

*I walked away from the fridge and did not know you had taken your diaper off so you waddled over, pulled yourself up, and PEED all over the produce drawer--lovely! September 2009 
*You rolled your window down and threw your shoe out of the car in the middle of the intersection-September 2010
*You tell your cars "I Sorry Beep Beep" when you make them crash--its the cutest thing ever!!!!!-September 2010     
*When you or someone else passes gas you say "Oh Man" July 2010   
*So I have no clue why but since you were born Daddy always has said "hi pp" why I have no clue and I told him do we have to say that... Anyways Boston came along and Daddy now says it to him  which you recently just picked up on and call Boston now too. (fantastic!) Anyways we were practicing sitting on the potty when you looked down and said "hi pee pee" --it was really funny but I do not love that you really know what you are calling your brother I thought it was more of copy cat thing! December 2010
*You love dry roasted peanuts but when you ask for them you walk around saying peanus which sounds like you walk around saying penis lol... December 2010
*Daddy and I had just finished reading you a book and we were laying with you and said go night night-- you reminded us that we had not said your prayers by saying "brayer brayer" it was the cutest thing ever and melted our hearts. I am so happy you are starting to understand what we are doing. December 31, 2010
*I had just changed your diaper and you stood up and said "pee pee went night night" lol seriously what was I suppose to say??  Feb. 8, 2011
*We walked by Mommy & Daddy's BIG wedding picture and you randomly said "Mommy's a princess" I didn't even know you knew what a princess was!! And people wonder why I LOVE having boys!!!
*January 8, 2012 Trey: Where is Jesus? Me: In heaven with God Trey: No he's not he's at church
*When my baby sister comes can I hold her? Me:Yes Then when I am done will I put her back in her cage? Me: Umm No...
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