Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween activities started in the afternoon when we went to go see The Stillman Family! They were all Toy Story characters too so we had to get some group pics!!!! Then we headed over to our friends The Lockes to say hi and do the candy thing and get pics!!! And LASTLY we went to our churches Harvest Festival for the rest of the night. All the grandparents met us there so they could see the boys in their outfits. Trey got to play a couple games, do the trunk or treat, and see a pony.
Sorry but the pics are WAY out of order!
Trunk or Treat with DaddyPony Rides

Boston & Poppie
Fishing with Daddy
Boston riding in the wagon
Trunk or Treating with GiGi
These 3 are super close in age!

At church our attempted family photo
Boston passed out at the Harvest festival--7:30 and he is done!
Boston with MiMi
Yes my boys were the ONLY boys there! They are surrounded by girls when we hang out with The Lockes, Browns, & Malones!!!!
Boston, Ellison, & Molly
Halloween Cupcakes
I'm teaching Trey manners now so Trey brought Jesse some lime green BUZZ flowers
Buzz & Woody
Woody Jesse Buzz Woody
Woody & Woody


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soccer Tots

So in my attempts to keep my VERY energetic 2 two year old active we started soccer this week!!! He did ok at it, but turns out he had a cold which explained why he was not super in to it. However when he got to KICK things he was fine lol. Then half way thru the class he spotted a football in the grass a little ways a way and that was the end of it lol and all he talked about was the football and Shaw lol. Fortunately there is not a football class for 2 year olds lol cuz that would be scary. Anyways the boys are soooooo lucky to have such AMAZING grandparents that want to come to everything and help with Boston so I can even do half the things we do!!! MiMi and GiGi are rotating every week and Poppie was even able to come stop by this time too!!!! I can not imagine what it will be like when he has a game he will probably have around 15-20 people there to watch just from family lol!!!!
Waiting for his sticker at the end
I love his little itty bitty shin gaurds lol

They were working on motor skills here by stacking every other then getting to KICK it down

Boston and MiMi getting to watch from their blanket

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party!

So here are the pics from our play group's Halloween Party!!!! It was lots of fun and had a great turn out.Buzz & Buzz before we left
Boston with his lady bug friend Sloane
Of course I had to have matching Toy Story cupcakes! These were so fun to make and tasted yummy!!!!

The whole gang minus Jessica who took the pic!
Boston you are the cutest WOODY!!!
We had to take the wings off so he could play with his friends lol
My heart melts when I see these pics!!!!! The best part Trey did it all on his own!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

So Mark and Trey cut the top off and did all the cleaning out of the pumpkin & I did the tracing and carving of Thomas. Whole process took about 2 hours lol. The video at the end is just of Trey saying the word "pumpkin" cuz we think its cute!

Cleaning it out with Daddy
Obviously Boston was very into it lol

Trey in shock that Thomas is on the pumpkin lol


Top 2 Tuesday Halloween & Fall Crafts

One of my FAVORITE fall crafts I did this year were these tissue paper mod podge pumpkins...
And how could I not choose these super cute bow ties I sewed for my boys to wear to the pumpkin patch... Boys need some accessories too!

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