Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seaport Village

Today we went to Seaport Village for lunch and to walk along the pier with my mom! We ate at an amazing restaurant right over the water and Trey behaved the whole time so it was a very nice lunch! Then we walked along the beach and fed the ducks! I don't want to come home-lol!

Trey pointing at a boat
My mom, Trey, & I

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sea World was such a neat way to celebrate Trey's 1st Birthday! I knew he would love it since he LOVES all animals. We had such a good time! I think we covered every exhibit and went to 3 shows! The underwater shark tunnel was a real hit along with the EEL tank. He also was obsessed with stingrays. We did let him hold a starfish at that section but I thought he might squeeze it to death so we ended that section real fast.
Trey watching the Beluga whales

laughing at the stingrays...
Trey absolutely LOVED the stingrays!!! He would grab them as they swam by...
Watching the dolphins with Poppy
Eating his shamu toy waiting for the dolphin show...
Right before we left for Sea World
We went to the night time SHAMU show and so of course we had to get Trey a glow sword since every other kid there had one and he kept eyeing them! He LOVED this show!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Days

Well Trey is getting to experience his 1st (of many) San Diego trips!!! He did great in the car on the way over sleeping for 4 hours and watching a little Einstein for the other hour. Watching Trey play at the beach for the 1st time has been so much fun! He loves the sand--and gets it EVERYWHERE but when you are staying about 15 steps from the beach it does not matter! We have also been getting up and going on walks in the morning on the shore which is so nice--Trey even seems to sense the peaceful vibe because he just watches the water come in and out the entire walk without making much noise.

playing with daddy in a hole
Playing at the beach

Trey and Poppy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Typical man on a Saturday morning...

Hanging out in his boxers and pointing the remote at the TV! I wonder who taught him that...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Park City Utah

We went to Utah this past weekend for my cousins wedding in Park City! It was so much fun and nice to get out of the heat! Everything was perfect til we got to the airport to come home and our flight was 4 and half hours delayed, but Trey was perfect sleeping thru the layover and on to the plane and into his crib!
Some of my cousins at the rehearsal dinner
The boys waiting to board the gondola
We had to ride these gondolas to get up to where the wedding was--FREAKY!
in the gondola
waiting for the ceremony to start
Matt and the newest member of our family TORI!!!
Cousins-Austin, me, Dustin
Shayla and me
Trey loved playing on the bellmans rack
Such good uncles playing while we wait for our plane!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 5 day 4th of July Extravaganza!!!!

For the 4th of July this year, Mark's parents flew everyone to an old western all American town in MONTANA!!! It was soooo much fun! We went fishing in Yellow Stone River, hiking, to a rodeo, 4th of July parade, horseback riding, 4 wheeling and ate amazing food! We stayed in the neatest OLD hotel built in 1904 called Murrays. The elevator was the old fashion kind with a gate that had to be shut by a operator. It was sooo fun and am so glad and thankful to Mark's parents for taking everyone on this trip!
*Trey when you look back at this blog on CD I just wanted you to know that you were an amazing baby and slept takeoff to landing on all 4 flights!!! You also just adapted your sleep schedule and slept perfect after the 1st night! You are loved so much I dont think you will ever learn to walk cuz all your aunties and MiMi just spoil you!!!
4th of July
Yes he is sitting on a real moose head!
This waterfall was the final destination of our hike

MiMi carried Trey on her back the first mile up the mountain thru the woods--I bet not a lot of MiMi's are in that good of shape!

at the rodeo
MiMi & Trey at the rodeo!

Such a cute cowboy

Aunt Shanel in her Western gear at the parade!

Trey with Uncle Reggie & Aunt Shamesha
at the parade...
at the 4th of July Parade

on the dock at the pond...
touching the fishy
staring out at the water

Sitting with MiMi
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