Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thomas Birthday Party!

Of course your birthday party was THOMAS--a stranger could of guessed that after spending 5 minutes with you. Now I was not thrilled with this theme, but by the end I LOVED it!! Your Daddy and I thought of some pretty neat things to spruce it up--for example we served "Full Steam Ahead Steamy Sippers" that actually steamed from dry ice--this was a HUGE hit with you and your friends! Your cake was HUGE and had Thomas on it (note the story with the cake further down lol), your cupcakes had Thomas's face on them, and you had cake pops that actually looked like James, Percy, & Thomas!!! Mommy, Aunt Shayla, & Emily also made a 3.5 ft. tall Thomas front and back and stuck them to the ends of the table where you and your friends ate so it looked like you guys were eating inside the Thomas train. Everyone got a fun birthday hat & special cookie pop! There was polka dot balloons, a huge sign above the desserts that read "Trey & Friends", & just seeing you in your Thomas wonderland made all of it worth it!!! I know some people ask why do all of this and my question to you is Why Not???--you only live once plus its something I thoroughly enjoy doing almost like a stress reliever, and I LOVE that you and Boston will seriously have the BEST birthday memories and hopefully they find creative wives who will do the same lol for your kids.
Anyways you had 14 friends join you at Aspire gym to play--we are so lucky to have so many great friends for you from our high school friends kids, church, & our play group--it was actually hard only being able to choose that many but there was max. occupancy. I think you guys all had a blast jumping in the pit, the bounce house, the trampolines, & the bars.
*Originally your cake was this AWESOME 3d Thomas, but with the random humidity and extreme heat it started not looking very well after its car ride--lucky for us the bakery had a wedding cake for the next day that they dismantled just for you Trey lol. It really was the only thing they could do with only having 1 1/2 before the party. So the HUGE bottom tier from some girls wedding cake became your new Thomas cake...lucky for us you didn't seem to mind!

The treats--marshmallow pops, cookie pops, jello slices, cake pops, cake, cupcakes, & gumballs!

Train cake pops

Full Steam Ahead "Steamy Sippers"--a little dry ice can really be the COOLEST thing ever!

Modern Cupcake made the most amazing blue velvet cupcakes!!!

Jello Slices

Cookie Pop favors
The "after" cake lol can you tell it was a bottom of a wedding cake?
Miss Katrina

Enjoying his "steamy sipper"

Layla waiting for cake



This was the original AWESOME cake that "died"

MiMi & Trey
Presley & Trey getting ready to slide
Aunt Shanel playing with Boston

After the party our families came over and did presents


Friday, July 29, 2011

Your T-H-R-E-E!

I am still trying to figure out how this happened... Trey you are are 3 years old, and hilarious!!!! You make Daddy and I laugh everyday by the things you say or the faces you make. You have the biggest personality which we LOVE (most of the time lol) I don't mean to sound so cliche but I seriously can not imagine my life without you--the minute they put you on my chest my life seriously changed forever! Anyways I will move on lol --Last night I hung up the special birthday banner so when you woke up it was there and I LOVE how much you LOVE that thing! Your kitchen/grill was all set up for when you woke up and you played with it all morning--then you went to go spend some alone time with MiMi, and boy did she have the set up for you!!! As soon as we turned on her street we could see all the balloons in front of the house and then you noticed there were toys tied to them all!! They led you all the way to the front door where there was then more inside!!! (thank you so much to MiMi for creating such special memories--they mean so much!!!) Then it was back to the house to wait for some deliveries for your birthday party the next day but you did not seem to mind because you had your kitchen to get back to:) Then after Daddy came home we went to Peter Piper for dinner and games with Aunt Shamesha & Uncle Reggie. With a little help from Daddy & Reggie you had 884 tickets by then end of the night lol. I would say you had a fun filled day, but you can NOT wait for your Thomas Birthday tomorrow...
Walking into the room after waking up

Went straight to grilling

Toys Toys Toys

Trey & MiMi
This was the favorite

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