Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our new Addition!

Well at exactly 3 weeks early to the day Mark Smith III made his debut! Honestly it was not the biggest shock seeing how he tried to come twice already but was stopped. You would think sense he did try to come already I would know what labor would feel like--but I didn't. I started having contractions around 4:30pm while Mark was playing Madden on Playstation so of course I did what every girl would do--Get in the shower and wash my hair so if it was the real thing at least my hair looked good-lol. So I am blow drying my hair and telling Mark that they were pretty intense contractions & coming every 3 minutes--so he continues to play Madden and time them acting like I am making a big deal out of nothing. Long story short he tells me to wait and after 4 hours (and his game is finished) I get him to believe me--what does he do--Takes a shower and gets ready-lol. So we arrive at the hospital after some debating if we should really go and I am 4 cm. and 100% efaced. Needless to say by early morning we had our baby boy in our arms!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Belly Pics!

Ok I am one of those people who LOVE pregnant bellies so I could not resist getting maternity pictures done...
I had to have a little fun with my belly...

The Nursery ready and waiting...

Here are pictures of Trey's Royal Suite! I can't wait to put him in his crib.

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