Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

We had a VERY nice Christmas this year (busy but nice). We started the morning out at our house doing our own thing from Santa. It was so nice to be in our home this year, and I can't wait to have more holiday memories here!! Then we had to be at my Mom's house by 11am for brunch, which was delicious!! We then did more presents there. Then we had to be at The Smith's by 3pm for dinner, which was also very tasty.Then it was back to our house for dessert with my Dad by 7pm!
 Impossible to get a picture of all 4 looking
 GiGi's brunch spread
 {LOVE} our trifecta!
 The boys with Audie

Trey posing with the gift we made his teacher

 It was impossible to get a picture of the 4 of them!
 Presents with GiGi and Grandma

 Of course we got Audie a HUGE bow for Christmas!

Presents with MiMi and PaPa

Trey Boston and Malaysia all got an ITOUCH so that they will keep stealing everyone else's lol
Cousins bonding lol

Monday, December 17, 2012


We spent part of the day playing in the snow today--the boys could have stayed out forever even though their lips were blue and they literally were shivering they did not want to stop sledding! We found a pretty good hill at NAU where there were lots of other kids sledding so it was pretty fun. I hope we can go up to the snow again this winter the boys loved it so much!! To see more pictures from our weekend go to MiMi & PaPa's blog HERE.

I am now determined to figure out how to have Christmas at a cabin where its snowing in the next couple years!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Polar Express

We went on our annual Polar Express trip this weekend, but this time some family came since there are other little cousins to enjoy it too now. (Back when we bought tickets we didn't know Audie was going to be blessing our lives before Christmas otherwise I am sure they would have come too so they were missed, but there is always next year lol) Luckily we had some help too because all those layers and a newborn is a lot of work lol!!! Lola was AMAZING this trip--she slept the whole 3 hours up and back, was perfect on the train, and slept through the night at the hotel--seriously she was an angel which was super nice that we were able to enjoy so much while we were there. It was great to get away for a couple days and the snow made it 100 times better and more magical. We had a few hours to play in the snow before we boarded so we actually had 2 snow days!
 Bosty giving Malaysia some love

 All Trey wanted to do was make "snow angels"

 Christmas PJ's

 LOVED how our Santa pic came out!
 This is how many tries it takes for Mark to goof off lol

 MiMi & the boys
 Uncle Reggie acting like a child too lol

 Coloring for Santa
 Mrs. Cluas

 Lola getting LOVED on
 Mail for Santa

 Lola & RJ looked like little marshmallow poofs

 It was BEAUTIFUL up north all covered in snow!

 Great Grandma and the boys

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