Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

So if you would have asked me just this morning, I would have said we had no plans this year for Valentines Day, but Mark had other plans! During the day Mark and I got to grab lunch and do some errands kid free while the boys went to MiMi's so I kind of figured that was our date this year (normally we go out to eat to a place we have never been--the fancier the better lol) Then later in the day my brother got a flat tire so Mark left to go help him, but when he returned he had a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement and 2 long stem roses that were from the boys, and stuff to make dinner! So he made an incredible meal that was delicious and we ate it in our courtyard by the fire pit in our sweats and slippers--it was PERFECT!
See our little guest who REALLY wanted to join us lol
I LOVED my flowers!

As soon as he started making dinner I figured it was only fair if I threw a dessert together--so its not home made but it got the job done!


Rachel Johnson said...

That dinner looks delish, especially the wine (jealous right now!).

Drew Watts said...

So cute Valentine’s Day party!! The decoration part was also very pretty. I love these types of DIY events. Fantastic job dear!! This year we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at home instead we hosted a grand bash at one of outdoor LA venues. We really enjoyed this day!

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