Monday, February 21, 2011

Boston's 1st Birthday Party--VROOM!!!!

Let's see--I believe back in September is when I finally committed to the race car theme for Boston's birthday party lol. It was fun to plan and it makes it sooo much easier to work on when you have multiple months to do things lol!!! I can already tell that Boston is going to be able to have way more options for his parties because of the time of year he was born compared to Trey. Now since I made such a huge TA DA for Trey's 1st birthday it was only fair that I do the same for Boston! There was an elaborate dessert table, a big bouncy obstacle course, a winners circle where the cake eating took place, amazing food, & tons of friends and family--what more could you ask for to celebrate your 1st year of life?? I have to say that I used my silhouette for a HUGE chunk of all the things I made for his party--his party hat, high chair banner, cupcake holders, candy signs, and to cut out stuff I had printed like the thank you tags and cupcake toppers--I can not imagine my life without it lol!!!! So originally his party was suppose to be outside but of course the one day it rains and is freezing would be the party day--luckily my dad so graciously let us invade his office and move the party there. I needed somewhere with super tall ceilings because of the huge bounce house! Luckily we have amazing friends and family and everyone was fine with the move--all 80 people lol!!! So besides a few decorating things I didn't get to do from moving it inside all was perfect!
The dessert bar
Each cupcake had a 3d checkered wrapper and a little sign in it--LOVED them!
These SUPER cute cookies were the favors and were tied to hot wheels

Marshmallow Pops--Thanks Aunt Kristin for baking the day away with me I know you love my boys like they were yours!!!
Boston's personal cake

The Room
LOVED his cake

Big bro in his Pit Crew shirt
I know I am biased but I LOVE his eyes!
Walking to Aunt Shanel

MiMi and Boston
My shirt said Hot Rod Mama--made with my silhouette
Is he not the cutest??? His shirt had a checkered 1 and his name

Poppie and Boston--THANKS Poppie for letting us invade your office!!
Ellison & Boston
These 3 are super close in age--they were having a pot luck on the ground

Boston seriously LOVES him some Layla!!!! He never hugs anyone lol like not even me like this!

He had no prob diving into his cake!
This really was his own private victory circle!

banner and hat made by me cuz I love my little man soooo much!!!
Tatum just coming down the slide

All the family that was present!

Of course Trey got presents too lol heaven forbid!
Aunt Shayla!
A more detailed decor version will be available on Sassy Soirees blog if your interested!



Stillman Family said...

LOVED the party...and you are right..I do love them like they are my own!!

Kimberlyn said...

Super cute party! Loved the theme!!!

Rachel Johnson said...

Everything looked so great! Fun party!!

Jac said...

His party was SO cute! You did such a great job. Loved teh pics of their potluck, too funny. Hey, who's gift was that color coordinated blue and orange truck? That person must be pretty fancy....

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