Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hip Hop

So Trey had a hip hop class today with Layla--it was 1 word HILARIOUS!!! It took Trey a minute to warm up to the idea of what they were doing, but by the end he got it. I would say his favorite was break dancing lol which I did not even know he really could try and do. Guess what the teachers name is??? Miss Hollywood lol-yes I am being serious that's what they are suppose to call her! The class is 2-5 year olds I believe. One of the funnier moments was when Layla went up to the teach asking for some "bayber beyber" I believe is how she said it which was Justin Bieber music lol!!
I don't know why he felt the need to stand in front with Miss Hollywood lol

My son also LOVES looking at himself in the mirror lol

Notice his arms in the folded "thug I'm cool" position--this too was his favorite move!



The Juarez Family said...

Ahhh! So cute! I had a feeling he would like it. :)

Rachel Johnson said...

Umm...I think I missed the part that her name was Ms. Hollywood!!?

Kayle said...

Hahaha That's so cute. I like how all the kids were just doing their own thing. I can't wait til Teagan is 2 and she can start dance! Where is he taking the class at?

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