Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swim Lessons!

Today Trey had his 1st swim lesson on his own!!!! I LOVED not having to go in lol and so did he! At first I figured he would cry when he realized I couldn't come in the room with him, but he could not have cared less--he just wanted in the water--it probably helped that Layla was there too! Of course the teacher said he is a dare devil with no fear of water--which is exactly why he will be in these lessons til he knows how to swim 100%!! Every time she dunked him he come up with a smile, and she even pushed him down to get a ring that was on a step. I was actually pretty shocked at how well he listened to her directions too- when it wasn't his turn they were to stay on the side and he did it!!!
This was his face the entire lesson
Layla & Trey
about to go under
Kick Kick Kick
Reagan giving Boston a hug--Rylie was over having a gymnastics class at the same time

Since they did so good at their 1st lesson we took them to get frozen yogurt after!



Rachel Johnson said...

I can't believe how well they did! I love the last picture of them. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love the one of Raegan smothering Boston. lol and Layla and Trey are the CUTEST little couple in the world!! It's too bad arranged marriages aren't still socially acceptable ;)

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