Friday, February 11, 2011

Open Gym

Today we went with Layla to a open gym type thing where the kids have free reign to just go play on all the equipment. While we were there we actually ran into lots of friends s it was a fun morning. Anyways this gym has this super tall platform (I am guessing 7 ft??)where I'm sure older kids do tricks off of into a foam pit--well we all know Trey--he decided he was going to jump off this thing, and of course he LOVED it and did it numerous times this morning. It was so tall he couldn't even get up there without help!
Boston got some foam pit action too this time!!
Boston LOVES Layla--its so funny he will follow her and is always watching her lol Trey might have to watch out...
1st Trey was jumping off this stack of mats... which I thought was high!
Then he moved on
Do you see my kid mid air??



Stillman Family said...

Leave it to Trey. Good Lord, that child.

Aaron, Kayla & Kolton said...

He is so brave! So cute :)

Miss M! said...

Oh my Lord, that's insane! I don't think I've seen a kid that small brave enough to do that kind of thing before. You're in trouble when he's twelve and starts wanting to jump off the roof of the house!

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