Sunday, February 13, 2011

McCormick Railroad Park

Mark had a catering today he had to go on at McCormick Railroad Park so the boys and I decided to go with since it was so nice out and we both knew Trey would LOVE it out there! So the boys played at the park for awhile then when Mark was done we rode the train & merry go round, had ice cream, and went in this room they have there that is filled with these little cities with trains going all thru them--this was the highlight for Trey!!! I think we stayed in that room for 45 minutes! Boston was actually quite entertained too--I'm thinking being with all boys all the time is going to have its boring moments lol!

On the train
All 3 admiring the trains
watching the trains STILL!!!

I think I may have another boy interested in trains...
Boston's 1st ice cream cone



Jessica Stoker said...

These pictures are so great. BOYS love their trains.

Stillman Family said...

Picture of B eating the ice cream is the cutest pic of him EVER!!! Glad you guys had fun!

Rachel Johnson said...

Looks so fun! I have wanted to take Layla there. I loooove the picture of Boston licking the ice cream off his fingers!!

Miss M! said...

I think I know of another little boy who would like that place!

Garima Pal said...


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