Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trey's Birthday Celebration

Well Trey I am not sure what was crazier your toddler party or our family party!!! Your day started out great when you came down the stairs and saw the birthday banner--you LOVED it and ran over to it immediately (totally worth all the hours of making it lol) then I made you pancakes in the shapes of animals which you also thought was pretty cool! Aunt Shayla came over and played ALL day and let you open their gift before your party which was a Toy Story sleeping bag and the slinky dog so you were in heaven because at the moment you are OBSESSED with Toy Story! Then came time for all the family to come--you are one spoiled little boy with ALL your aunties and both sets of grandparents in town--they all strolled in each holding gifts!! So remember a couple days ago when your feet grew overnight well apparently everyone had the same idea so you got 12 pairs!!!!! 4 Jordans 1 Nike 4 Vans 2 Sperry 1 Converse
The funny thing was you LOVED every pair--you are the biggest shoe toddler I know! Mommy and Daddy got you an Escalade Power Wheels which was hilarious to watch, Aunt Shanel made you the cutest TIME-OUT chair, Uncle Ken & Aunt Shamara had a NFL Cardinals jersey made just for you with Uncle Ken's name and # on it (and 3 pairs of shoes because Ken's is obsessed with shoes) Aunt Shamesha & Uncle Reggie got you shoes, Sabriya got you a new BIGGER basketball hoop, GiGi & Poppie got you 2 pairs of shoes, a sports class, & real miniature golf clubs complete with a bag, Aunt Santana got you True Religions, Great Grandma got you your own mini suitcase, Woody PJ's, and a Woody doll & MiMi & PaPa got you your own IPad!!!! (So yes my 2 year old now has his own lol) Then we did cake and you got to play with all your stuff and as of this minute the house still looks like a tornado rolled thru... It was a very fun birthday for you, and I'm glad you won't remember everything so the family has 1 more year to learn not to over do it otherwise you are going to have some HIGH expectations lol.


Aunt Shayla

So bummed Aunt Shayla had just left before we set the timer

You like this chair now but that won't last long
The IPad

Watch Out

Great Grandma & Boston
Rollin in your Caddi

You love stethescopes so you also got a doctor kit
We will work on the golf swing--and NOT in the house

You even love the new shoe smell--man are we introuble!

And you ended the night with Woody in hand watching Toy Story in your new PJ's



Shari said...

AWWW...How stinking cute is he in his Toy Story outfit with Woody! precious!!

I did have to LOL at 12 pair of SHOES!!! oh my! I think you guys are in for it! That is fo'sho'!

Looks like a grand time was had by everyone.

Happy Birthday Trey!!

Anna said...

Great birthday post Shannon, it's making me laugh over here remembering the details from the night. We had a great time, thanks for a great dinner and dessert too! I had to really work out EXTRA hard this morning trying to lose those calories I gained...

Stillman Family said...

In the pic with the ipad..he looks like he is saying "girl, please". haha.. So cute! Made out well, that little 2 YEAR OLD!! =)

Robin said...

Hey! Visiting from Jenna's Journey!

WOW! What a birthday!

Your family is adorable!

Robin :o)

Anonymous said...

SO - for my next b'day I would like your family to adopt me. Ok?
Seriously - that banner is ridiculously cute! love it

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