Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Diego Day 3

Today we decided to hit up The San Diego Zoo!!!! I must say The San Diego Zoo is amazing but its way more tiring than Sea World lol!!!! There are so many hills lol not great with my broken toe but Trey loved it so all was worth it!!!! I would have to say Trey really LOVED the polar bears--they were so active swimming and playing plus there was a igloo you could climb thru... I am so excited to hang out at the beach all day tomorrow and RELAX (well as much as you can relax with a 2 year old and 4 month old ha)

Looking at the hippos

Playing in the igloos

Poppie sportin the moby wrap
Daddy & Trey watching the black bears-these were a favorite too

Trey's nose
Gorilla's nose


Stillman Family said...

So glad you are posting so we can keep up! Those pics are soo cute!

msteele said...

Looks like you had fun, thanks for visiting!

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