Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potty Time

I would say for the past 6 weeks Trey has been obsessed with taking his diaper off as soon as he goes! (this also means I go thru more diapers with him than a newborn) Honestly I have been dreading potty training so I set the potty out and didn't really do much with it. Well lately he has gone over and sat on it when he takes his diaper off but never has gone in it--well that changed today! *Minor detail*More pee ended up on the tile because he didn't hold "IT" down when he went but he got 3 Mike N Ikes anyways!!!!! I still would rather not start hardcore training til after our vacation, but we will see! So I guess let the potty training begin...

1 comment:

The Griegers said...

Good for you for being brave enough to even start trying ;) I still laugh when I think of the playdate last week where one minute he is fully clothed and the next minute he's torn off all his clothes and is running around naked lol Such a boy!

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