Monday, July 12, 2010

San Diego Day 2

Today we took the boys to Sea World!!! It was a great day for this--perfect weather and not a lot of crowds!!! We only went for morning and afternoon today but will probably go back 1 evening this week. Trey had a blast--its so funny how much he has changed from exactly 1 year ago when we took him last year! He got to go on his 1st ride, feed the dolphins and otters, and walk next to the stroller for parts not ride (if you really know Trey this is a huge deal) Also according to Trey sharks, whales, & dolphins are ALL fish.

On his 1st ride-lol-he's such a goof
Waiting for the ride to start

Feeding the dolphins

About to go into the shark expo
In the Shark encounter with Daddy
This little guy LOVED Trey
Trey with his Shamu
We are so lucky Boston is so happy!
Daddy and Trey on another ride!

So when we got back to the beach house I was informed that part of my family was at the beach so why not go from Sea World to the beach lol so we did...

A little crackage
Poppie & Trey spinning

Play Play Play-should sleep good tonight!


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