Sunday, July 11, 2010

San Diego Day 1

So today started out with some coffee (for Mark and I) and a walk on the bay! Now its cool here so of course we all started out heavily clothed but about 5 minutes into Trey seeing sand and water he stripped himself down to a pull up (not gonna lie he tried taking that off too but we told him he was at the wrong beach for full nudity lol) So by 9:30am Trey was covered in sand and water and LOVED every minute of it! I think its safe to say Trey absolutely LOVES the beach!!!! So we went back to the beach house to put his suit on and get his beach toys and PLAY!!! Mark stayed back with Boston to watch the World Cup. Then we took a long walk on the boardwalk while both boys napped. Then in the evening we had a cookout with some of my extended family that live here...
These would be the early morning pics where he decided to strip down

Hanging with Uncle Shaw

Playing X-Box with Uncle Shane & Ty
The boys with Aunt Dede & Uncle Joe

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