Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our 4th of July

I don't even know where to begin with this entry... Normally I would say I am a pretty upbeat person and my blog reflects that (plus why would I blog about bad blah things who wants to remember that???) Well there is absolutely no way to be upbeat about how today went but I do LOVE my pictures of the boys!!!! Lets start at the beginning--Mark decided he was going to go hiking with his family at 3:30AM this morning (I am very proud of him that he did this) and when he left in all his hustle and bustle and in and out of the door (we have a alarm and it beeps every time it opens) Trey woke up and could not fall asleep for 2 1/2 hours so right at about 6 Trey fell asleep and Boston woke up to eat at 6:15. So 20 minutes after that I get to go back to sleep. Then as I am making breakfast in the morning I knock over a glass jar of minced garlic and it shatters and my house smells AWFUL!!!!! Then as I am putting dishes away I step on my broken toe wrong which sends a shooting pain up my leg and I drop a huge glass bowl we got at our wedding and it shatters lol. (At this point I am still not thinking anything of the kind day that is ahead of me) So we all get ready and go to my parents house for a BBQ!!! We all sit down to eat and about halfway thru my mom starts laughing and inhales a piece of hotdog!!! What does she do? She LEAVES the room (People if you are deathly choking do NOT leave the room even if you think you are going to throwup on the table lol this was her reasoning) So after a couple minutes of her being gone I get up to check on her and she is CHOKING very badly in the bathroom and can not breathe in. So I immediately smack her on the back and try the heimlich like 3 times--nothing so I yell for Mark to come thinking I must not be strong enough so he does it for like 10 minutes then my brother Shane tries (this whole time I am asking her should I call 911 and she shakes her head NO) Well after watching her barely be able to breathe I call 911 anyway. What is the 1st thing the 911 lady tells me? "Do not hit her on the back" too late for that lady! So the firemen come and do their thing and do her vitals and make sure all is well after the thing finally is unlodged. Great that is done obviously we can enjoy the rest the day--this is logical thinking right? So later in the evening we get to Tumbleweed Park and meet up with The Stillman's. We lay out all our blankets Trey and Presley play for a couple hours and we took some pictures. About 5 minutes before the fireworks go off I break my tooth on a goldfish cracker!!! (So now I get to go to the dentist and pay who knows what for that--fabulous!) So the 1st firework goes off and Trey FREAKS out like major bloody murder screaming that could be heard over the fireworks to the surrounding 20 families--after about 10 minutes into the show he does decide that he likes them but give me a break I was over it now lol. And that people sums up our 4th of July 2010 lol!!!!! At least my mom is ALIVE and well and I am pretty sure I will NEVER let my kids have a hotdog unless its cut into a million pieces because that was SCARY!!!!!

My handsome Boston
Notice that Trey is NOT eating hotdog lol
Swimming with Uncle Shaw
Great Grandma & Boston

GiGi ALIVE & Well!!!
Kristin & I
Even Boston got his own glow stick


Trey loves his Presley

This was after the dramatic screaming and he decided they were ok



Kayle said...

Seriously how do you chip your tooth on a goldfish cracker?? Lol I'm glad your mom is ok, how scary! So i'm pretty much going to stay away from Hotdogs and goldfish! Lol

Miss M! said...

How freaking scary! I'm glad your mom is okay. I've seen someone choke before and it's an awful, helpless feeling.

And yeah... how DO you chip your tooth on a Goldfish? That's random!

Amy Lemmermann said...

GEEEZ those kind of days make me want to get in bed at like 5 and just end it!!!

Mommy to a Tater Tot said...

Seriously Shannon?? What a day! Glad you all survived. That sounds kind of like my Mother's Day this year. LOL. Ya, so, we need to hang out sometime soon and I need my photoshop lesson! :)

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