Saturday, May 21, 2011

Partied Out!!!!!

Today we had a construction themed 1st birthday party to go to, and I am freaking tired-- considering I also had a rehearsal, wedding, and charity event the past 3 nights in a row!!! The party was beyond cute and there were TWO blowup water slide things so the kids were in heaven!! I think Trey went up and down the slide 100 times so I am looking forward to an early night and a glass of wine lol!!!
So thankful Nate took Boston up lol I didn't know I would need my suit! *1 of the bummers of Mark working Saturdays--I have to do all the parties alone lol!

Miss Reagan with Boston (Nate is her daddy so they were both waiting for him lol)

The handsome birthday boy!
Kids eating their cake pops then they got cupcakes!!!

Laura I do believe Trey liked your chocolate cupcake :)


1 comment:

Lorrie said...

I love all the new pictures, Trey is really looking like Dustin to me in them. They are so cute!!

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