Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Sorry for the lack of inactivity again, but we all seemed to come down with a cold/flu this past couple weeks therefore we have done nothing except go to the doctors once for Trey's ear infection. I did manage to plan most of Trey's birthday party though which isn't til July lol. Luckily I was already done with our Mother's Day gifts--both of which I really want lol. I made my mother in law a whole scrapbook of our Disneyland trip that turned out so cute I want one, and I made my mom a pillow for her bench on her front porch that I saw at a boutique somewhere and I copied which I also want for my courtyard. Anyways my family of 4 was suppose to go to brunch at Ocotillo, but I canceled those reservations because I was not going to be able to taste the freaking food--yes I am bitter lol I LOVE a good brunch in a ballroom on a holiday with ice sculptures and flowers everywhere! My mom & grandma came over for lunch instead and gave me Bakerella's cake pop book which I have been wanting forever!!!! Then we went over to Mark's parents house for dinner. Literally the 1st thing in the morning I got one of the best presents EVER if you ask me that I just can not bring myself to buy anymore since we have had kids. So thanks babe and my in laws you seriously are the BEST!!!!!
My new Louis--this is my 1st checkered Louis bag (my others are the LV print) but Mark thinks the dark handles will handle my life with the boys better lol, and that's why I love him!
Enjoying a cake pop
Great Grandma
Big Hug!

My 2 sweet boys whom God has blessed with me!
Shamara and I modeling our new Mother's Day presents!
PaPa teaching Trey his BBQ tricks

Aunt Shanel

lol me telling BIG to get away from me

MiMi time

Helping MiMi open her gift
*No judging this was the 1st day in awhile I actually even got ready lol and I still sound like a man!


Miss M! said...

Jealous. Is that a Neverfull? Love it.

I was sitting here going man, I want a designer bag!!! Then I remembered I have a Gucci diaper bag, LOL! How quickly we forget.

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

lol yes its a Neverfull, and I seriously have not bought a designer bag since Trey was born which is a LONG freaking time lol so I am in LOVE with it!!! That is what I should have done before was get a designer diaper bag!!!!

the-moroney-family said...

love your new louie!! and the dark handles..brilliant!!

the-moroney-family said...

going to check out the cake pop book..i had my 1st one last weekend at starbucks in amarillo! delish! but max ate most of it!!

Rachel Johnson said...

Such a fun mother's day! Sorry to hear you guys haven't been feeling well.

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