Friday, May 13, 2011

Guess who started swim lessons????

Boston!!!! This was something I got to do with Trey and so I was so happy my mother in law said she would take Trey whenever Mark couldn't take him to work so Boston and I could go do this. I really do think these classes are what taught Trey to hold his breath at such a young age, and Mark are trying as hard as we can to do everything as even as possible lol. We even got the same teacher that Trey and I had lol. Boston did so good and didn't even cry when he got dunked. Although he is not a fan of floating on his back. The other fun part of the class this time is 3 other friends of mine form high school are in it, and 3 other new friends from other things are in it too so we know everyone!!!!

Boston & Jack before class



Rachel Johnson said...

How fun! Love that you are in the class with so many friends too

Lorrie said...

He is so adorable, I just can't stand it!!!

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