Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lunch and Swimming

We had a BBQ today to celebrate my Dad's birthday so of course Trey conned everyone to go swimming!! He was in heaven being able to jump to multiple people and show off his newest trick of getting rings off the bottom of the pool. Good thing Uncle Arie & Aunt Shayla are in good shape because I think Trey wore them out lol by possibly jumping in to them 100 times and making Shay do the rings with him over and over. *side note I think is hilarious--whenever family comes over Trey always wants someone to take him to the bathroom besides Mark or I like its an honor or something lol so poor Shayla had to take him 3 times just today!

Boston lounging on Poppie
Getting Ready
*sorry you look topless in these pics Shay lol--I promise she isn't people!
He isn't strong nough to swim to the bottom yet so you have to push him down there lol
Showing what he got


Stillman Family said...

Looks like fun! So proud of Bubba! What a good boy getting those rings! =)

Rachel Johnson said...

Wow! Good job Trey!

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