Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakfast with Elephants!

Today we headed out early to the zoo to have breakfast with the elephants. This will probably be one of the last times we go to the zoo til October lol due to the heat. Trey was beyond excited that we were going with Layla--they are so cute together!!!! When we first got there we were taken into an area for us to eat breakfast and learn some fun elephant facts. Then the fun part came... we got to interact and feed them!! They had the kids take handfuls of cookies and let them into the huge elephant living space and told them to go hide the cookies everywhere...then we got out of the cage and they let the elephant out and the kids watched her go find the cookies and eat them. (definitely not as up close as the giraffe breakfast but still neat--I guess all 3 elephants that our zoo has have been known to be aggressive and dominating)
The kids could paint because one of their elephants LOVES to paint lol--who knew????

Learning to give the elephants a bath

Picking out their cookies to hide


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Miss M! said...

First - I am LOVING the new background on your blog. Super pretty!

I didn't know the zoo had another painting elephant! What are the odds they'd have two? The first one was Ruby and she was quite famous. I remember when I had my first checking account my checks were painted by her. :) She died though during pregnancy almost a decade ago, I think.

We need to get to the zoo too, but the morning really is the only time now. Stupid desert.

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